Sunday, January 18, 2009

5 NFL Questions - Championship Weekend

Philadelphia Eagles @ Arizona Cardinals [3:00 pm on FOX]

Can 5th-round pick Tim Hightower be effective rushing the ball in the redzone today?
Credit: Yahoo! Sports

1) What protection schemes will Wisenhunt and Grimm come up with to protect Kurt Warner from the machinations of Jim Johnson's exotic blitz packages?
2) What are the respective health statuses of Anquan Boldin and Brian Westbrook?
3) Is Karlos Dansby prepared to play the game of his life?
4) Which rookie will have a greater impact: DeSean Jackson or Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie?
5) Will Andy Reid and Donovan McNabb finally come full circle from the "benching incident" against Baltimore?

Baltimore Ravens @ Pittsburgh Steelers [6:30 pm on CBS]

Can Big Ben expose a hole or two - if only for a second - in the Raven secondary with tight end Heath Miller in the "check-down" spot?
Credit: Yahoo! Sports

1) Will Joe Flacco be the first rookie QB to guide his team to the Super Bowl with 3 straight road victories in the playoffs?
2) Will the Steelers sweep the Ravens (and their defense) 3-0?
3) Which ballhawking safety will seal the game: Ed Reed or Troy Polamalu?
4) Is Terrell Suggs going to play or be a factor whatsoever?
5) Which team will establish their running game earliest and most often in each half?

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Enjoy the games...

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