Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tuesday FourCast: Week 15

The playoffs are approaching, and Week 15 kicked off what I consider the most important three weeks of the regular season. Just like any season, there are plenty of teams on the bubble going in, and Week 15 is when you start seeing the pain kick in, as teams on the cusp of the post season have their hopes crushed. Hope the Trekkies can enjoy this one.

1. Improbable AND Impossible...take that Dr. Spock!!!

This week, we saw the two best teams in the league duke it out. It's too bad the Super Bowl can't always consist of the two best teams. In my opinion the Giants and Cowboys are the best teams in the league. On one hand, you have the Giants who should be reeling from the loss of Plaxico Burress, but seem to be moving on without him. On the other hand, you have the Cowboys who were knee deep in drama with a divided locker room, and an owner questioning the Marion Barber's toughness. What makes the teams great is their defenses that, despite the final score on Sunday night, are for the most part hitting on all cylinders. The Cowboys were my preseason pick to win the Super Bowl and I'm sure I wasn't alone in that thought at that time. However, I may stand with less when I say that they are still my favorite to win it all. Hopefully they don’t make me look silly by missing the playoffs.

2. Dammit Jim, I'm a doctor, not a referee!!!

Ravens fans are not going to let this one go, but I will go on the record and say that was a touchdown. I understand the call could go either way, and I have many that will disagree with me. I saw the ball breaking the plane. I watched the replay several times, and I saw a TD. The point in question here is, can that play have been used as irrefutable evidence to change the call either way. Too close to call. I wouldn't be surprised if someone said the refs decided on a coin flip. Either way, it would be nice to see both of these teams meet in the playoffs and have the game decided in a less controversial way.

3. 19 Down, only 4 more to Chekov

The Ware Watch is in full effect. Two games left. Can DeMarcus Ware get 4 more sacks? Never thought I would cheer for a Cowboy to break an NFL record, but Strahan's faux sack record needs to fall. I never looked at Brett Favre the same after his prima-donna-ish move to be purposely sacked by Strahan which broke the previous NFL record. Ware leads a defense that is now healthy, at full strength and off any suspensions. While the Steelers defense is the favorite is ranked as the best defense in the NFL (and considered one of the best all-time), I think the Cowboys make a strong case to be 2nd at this point in the season.

4. You can beam me up now, Tony

I hope Tony Siragusa will always have a commentator/analyst job. His comment, comparing his vertical to that of Santana Moss had me nearly rolling on the floor. Goose is a funny guy, and his humorous blurbs are much welcome. On the flip-side, you get Tony Kornheiser. Get this guy out of there. He’s worse than Dennis Leary. If the NFL and their partnering networks want to reach the fan-base that’s going to keep their league atop all sports in the U.S., they can’t have old Korny making comments about the random things he talks about. Let’s keep Korny on PTI (where I can avoid him), and lets see if we can move Goose into the booth on Monday nights. I guarantee that he would be exponentially more entertaining than Korny. A Tony for a Tony.


Clement said...

Never in my life would I have predicted Armin to have two of his four topics revolve around the Cowboys.

Refreshing point, nontheless.

Especially since Sum would've mentioned the growing Jim Zorn-debacle in DC (stop pitying yourself in public, you're an NFL Coach for god sakes), I would've talked about the pathetic state of a 9-5 team that narrowly avoided a season-crippling loss, and Pay has every right to mention the resurgence of the Iggles behind (Of My God!) their running game.

I couldn't agree more on Kornheiser. I am so sick of the "newspaper" perspective and his long, draining allegorical speeches. Nobody cares what Kornheiser cares about because nobody reads the Washington Post back from the 70s.

The Goose is a mouthful, but an entertaining one. He also helps liven up the staleness of Dick "Scott Brunell" Stockton.

I also like watching Ware, who hits that corner much like LT did. Not exactly, of course. Much like.

One question though: did you mean Dennis Leary or Dennis Miller? I like Miller, because he was who we thought he'd be.

"Jeff George throws a pretty interception."
"The Redskins are in their prevent offense."

Two of my favorite all-time quotes.

Paymon said...

I actually like Kornheiser on MNF and enjoyed Dennis Miller. His work during the famed Redskins/Cowboys (Cowboys won 9-7 b/c Stephen Davis fumbled) game are what dreams are made of.

Sum said...

I enjoy Kornholio's random comments on MNF as well. Goose is funny, but i think his humor would get annoying if it was heard throughout the game instead of only during snippets from the sidelines.

And there's no way the Cowboys are one the two best teams in the league.

Armin said...

I'll stick with my vote as the Cowboys being the best team in the league...on the field (which is what matters).

They've been injured...they've been playing hurt...they've had a suspension at a position where they already lost their top player for several weeks. The team is healthy and hitting on all cylinders. They walloped a Damn good Giants team.

Armin said...

And yes...I meant Dennis Miller. I think I mentioned Leary because he has a new book on the Barnes & Noble best sellers list...which I saw yesterday.

Anonymous said...

How is Dallas the best team? They are the most talented, but ill-disciplined.

Beating the Giants without Jacobs does not put a team at the top.

DDH said...

To think Dallas is 2nd best team in the league, let alone the 5th best team in the league is . . . are you ready? LAUGHABLE! As laughable as Redskin fans thinking Washington would rock the balance of the universe and make the playoffs after an early-peaked jump to 6-2. If they finish .500, consider it a massive success -- but I digress.
Back to this silly notion that Dallas is the 2nd best team in the league.
Here's my top 5:
Giants (yeah, still, despite the gun-slingin)
Pittsburgh -- I'd be taking stock in whoever manufactures Ambien. Offensive coordinators having many sleepless nights over this defense.
Tennessee -- 3 words: Body Of Work
Carolina -- You could make the case that they are probably as good as the Titans. Undefeated at home, and trampling over defenses with their RBs.
and at #5, Baltimore -- they've given up 75 less points than the Cowboys D and only put up 7 less points than Cowboys Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde offense. I guess we'll find out Saturday who's carrying bigger stones.
Dallas is quite talented but they are not well-coached, nor well-led and until both change, they won't make it far in January or at all (even though on paper, they have no excuse not to).