Wednesday, December 17, 2008

InClement Weather: Mid-Week Musings

A few musings at 10:00pm on a cold Wednesday night...

If Eric Maynor is a lock to be a 1st-round pick...I'm going to NYC for the draft. All I wanna know is: who's coming with me? Who's coming with me man!?!?
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...College Basketball Season Quick Hits...
1) Can somebody explain to me how 3-time player of the year winner Ralph Sampson isn't in the (meaningless) college basketball hall of fame? No capital letters needed for a hall that won't recognize one of its greatest ever.
2) How many of Michigan's Fab 5 can you still name?
3) Who you taking: '08/'09 UNC or '90/'91 UNLV?
4) Stephen Curry and Blake Griffin need to meet again in the NCAA tournament.
5) I've been waiting way too long to see "that" Wayne Chism that showed up - and then some - against Marquette. I still think he's a Jason Maxiell-type in the NBA (impact-wise).

Gotta admit I was more than a little surprise to see an NFC Pro Bowl roster sans-Abraham.

...Pro Bowl Selection Quick Hits...
1) I'm not crying for DeAngelo Williams or Brandon Jacobs as NFC RB "snubs".
2) I'm surprised the AFC didn't vote John Lynch in again, despite not playing a snap.
3) It's Pennington then Rivers then Cassell who should be in over Favre.
4) Assante Samuel didn't deserve that nod at all.
5) Lance Briggs was extremely deserving. Ditto for James Farrior.

Can anyone - besides Pay - name this former Heisman winner?
Credit: Google Image Search (Title of the website gives it away!)

...Bowl Season Quick Hits...
1) A realistic playoff system will never work, people. How do you expect a typical fan (ex: Trojan fan) to do a quarterfinal in the Cotton Bowl in Dallas, a semi-final in the Orange Bowl in Miami, and then a final in the Superdome in New Orleans??? You don't ask them to pick 1, 2, or even worse...try and afford all 3 games. It just won't work with 8 teams. Not in our economy or anyone's.
2) You got Paterno croaking on the field or in the press box? That isn't disrespectful either. Paterno obviously wants that to be the way he twenty years.
3) The Heisman is irrelevant. Good argument though for this year, more unmemorable: Phillies as World Series Champs or Sam Bradford as Heisman Trophy winner? One word: push.
4) The "southwest" should lose their ballots next year.
5) Turner Gill didn't automatically "deserve" the job at Auburn. He's 15-22 and I'm not sold Buffalo is becoming a major "mid-major" college football team. The hiring practices at Auburn weren't pretty though.

Were Harold Perrineau (above) and myself the only two people upset to find out Michael died in last year's season finale?

...Pop Culture Quick Hits...
1) Wednesday nights seem a little lost without Lost. (Too bad it's moving to Thursdays)
2) Anybody else miss Perfect Strangers a little too much? TGIF?
3) Seriously, it's a toss-up between Dark Knight and Wall-E for my movie of the year.
4) Jennifer Anniston has still got it. And then some...
5) Is there a better all-time network foursome than HBO's Sopranos, The Wire, Oz, & Curb Your Enthusiasm. Chicks can sub in Sex and the City, while the new millennium might sub in Entourage.

Seriously. WATCH this show.

That's twenty thoughts that I think have passed the time.

I didn't think so!

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