Thursday, December 25, 2008

Clement's Weekly Picks & Prognostications...Week 17

So it's come down to this.

For those of you not jumping off the ledge, you should be fantasy-free (no true league has anything going on in Week 17) and the official stretch-drive to the playoffs ends (or does it truly begin) this weekend.

Best of luck to all of you on the "playoff" bubble.
Except for Pats fans, of course.

Let's cut the politicking (is that a word?) and jump into the fun!!!

I'm not picking the Lions game. To be honest, even I'm not rooting for them to go 0-16.
That, my friends, is the ultimate pitty.

Credit: New York Times

NFL Picks: 41-30 [Pretty terrible at 58% success, even if they aren't the "gimmes". Terrible, indeed.]
Upset Special: 14-11 [This record was once close to 5-10, so the 3-0 weekend deserves a BOO YA.]

New England Patriots @ Buffalo Bills (+6.5)

Sadly, we won't get to see JP LOSS-man's smiling face on the bench this week.

New England smells the playoffs and knows it can put a TON of pressure on the Dolphins. Interestingly, both Miami and the Jets should know the final of this game before their kickoff. How much of an impact that is scares me. Pats in a ROUT. I'm talking 30+ point-W.

Dallas Cowboys @ Philadelphia Eagles (-1 1/2)

Is Armin's old "draft-day" man crush ready to be a Week 17 factor? Armin???
Credit: Google Images

This is a tough game as both teams took major steps backwards. Duh, Clement. Anyways, I'm less inclined to penalize Philly because they were overachieving a bit and the Redskin D has been stout all season. Dallas ran into an angry Baltimore team and it's pass rush didn't seem too affected. While McNabb will obviously be under constant pressure, I wonder if the Dallas O - especially without a 100% Marion Barber III - can click enough in hostile Philly to earn the W and thus a playoff spot. The soap opera won't end...yet. Dallas wins somehow, someway.

Chicago Bears @ Houston Texas (-3)

The only beards worse than Kyle Orton's...maybe.

Houston can finish out the season in style, but they've done that before. Meanwhile, Chicago has to avoid scoreboard watching with the Vikes playing a resting-Giant squad also at 1pm. Somehow, I see Hester making a big play or two and the Bears playing inspired football. Even if it leads to no playoff reward.

Washington Redskins @ San Francisco 49ers (-3)

We need to see more coaching - and less talking about his "master motivating" - before I get sick.

Singletary appears ready to lock up with the Niners for a few years; meanwhile, Zorn appears to have at least one more year in San Fran. I see Portis and Campbell playing for nothing but pride (maybe contract $$$ for Campbell) and the Skins eeking out a road W.

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Baltimore (-12 1/2)

Mr. Garrard. All Jet fans pray the game's lasting moments this weekend aren't like last week's.
Credit: Yahoo! Sports

Ravens roll, but not by 13+. The Jags will attempt to grind it out and make a statement for next year. Spoiling the Ravens' season might be the perfect offseason "bright spot" for an otherwise depressing season.

Miami Dolphins @ NY Jets (-2 1/2)

So what's the over/under on Clemens taking 1 snap?

Jets lose and the fans may cry S-U-C-K. I wouldn't be surprised to see Kellen Clemens take some snaps, even before the 4th quarter. The Jets can't pressure the QB, force turnovers, or drive downfield (outside of the first drive). Unless they have a pick-six (or two) in mind, Miami is winning the AFC East. Who'd have thunk that one?

Denver Broncos @ San Diego Chargers (-9)

Seriously, where has AC been this season? WHERE!?!?
Credit: Google Images

Call me crazy, but I don't see a San Diego 35-10 victory. Of course, winning by even 10 is likely. Thus this tricky spread. Nevertheless, I won't call for the Denver road upset; however, I suspect San Diego will be complacent in the 1st half and then win in the 2nd. I'd feel so much better if this spread were 10...

Best of luck to all this Sunday. Even if the "playoffs" for you will be nothing more than NFL Draft prep...

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