Sunday, November 23, 2008

InClement Weather: Midnight Musings

Here are twenty-or-so random thoughts running throw my head, sitting in front of my computer screen at 12:36am.

I'll try my best to make them relevant, my friends.

Memo to Greg Oden:
1) Everyone owns a digital camera.
2) Anyone can upload to YouTube
3) Don't ever trust girls wearing outfits like THAT.
4) Seriously bro. Watch the knees!!!

Credit: Deadspin

1) I'm glad the election frenzy is nearly a month behind us. As excited as I was (especially being an 8th grade Civics teacher), it's nice to focus on what "really matters".
2) LeBron James (5) already has more 50 point games than Larry Bird (4). Did you know that Iverson (11) and Kobe (23!) lead the way with active players with 50+-point outings?
3) Ramon Sessions is gonna be a very good point-guard in the NBA for a long time. Gee, I wonder which two writers on this staff predicted that?
4) The Wizards should be embarrassed losing to a 7-man Knicks squad tonight. Especially since they gave up 7 treys to the Q. Pathetic.
5) When's Lost coming back? Seriously? WHEN!?!?

6) Dan Patrick still remains the best thing on radio...but not on television.
7) Pete Prisco of HATES my Jets. GOOD! He can dine with Peter "Always a Fatty" King. Yeah, that nickname is perfect.
8) I hate how much impact November games have on the selection status come mid-March for the NCAA tournament. I think dates of these early pre-conference games should come into effect when you count wins and losses.
9) There might not be a better ending than Friday afternoon's hoopla between Xavier (Santos!) and Virginia Tech.
10) Texas beat Oklahoma on a neutral field. Therefore, they deserve a higher BCS ranking than the Sooners.

11) Casino Royale was supposed to be the "return" of the Bond franchise. After Quantum of Solace...the franchise has slipped big time again (thanks Mr. Director!).
12) Brazilian film City of God is the best movie none of you have ever seen. Rent it!
13) Major League Baseball needs to hand out its awards during the postseason. Even if Pujols has to receive his MVP on vacation in San Juan or on his recliner in the Lew.
14) Props to Mike Mussina. Going out without a ring but with a 20-win season. Props.
15) Psycho T will be Psycho T soon enough. Be patient UNC fans.

16) Alabama vs. Florida can't be half the stinker Texas Tech/Oklahoma was, right? PLEASE!!!
17) The Heisman trophy grows more irrelevant with every passing year.
18) Elton Brand had to enjoy that game-winning bucket against the Clippers more than he showed. Right?
19) Stay healthy Greg Oden. Please. Please. Please.
20) I really am pulling for Oregon State to win the Civil War. Just like I pulled for the Union army.

See ya next time...

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