Friday, November 21, 2008

Clement's Weekly Picks and Prognostications...Week 12

A lack of an introduction can only help me at this point.
Oh wait, was this an intro???


NFL Picks: 31-17
[Yes, I was one of "those" who lost a pick due to the Polamalu-non TD. Stupid zebras. Picks are on a roll, by the way.]
Upset Specials: 8-8 [Should've gone to that Skins/Cowboys slobberknocker.]

You might not see a better catch this season than this one. Don't believe me? WATCH.
Credit: Yahoo! Sports (assist to YouTube)

Philadelphia Eagles @ Baltimore Ravens (-1 1/2)
Not taking the road dog here. It's likely time Reid, McNabb, or both go. Fear not, they'll both have plenty of suitors. As for the game, Ray Lewis won't fear the tiny Iggle backs. Ravens win a crucial game for their playoff hopes.

Minnesota Vikings @ Jacksonville Jaguars (-2 1/2)
Not liking the Jags or the Vikes much after last weekend. If the Jags can't rush the ball, they won't be able to pass it to win. David Garrard might be the next Jeff Blake. That's not a good thing, by the way.

Washington Redskins @ Seattle Seahawks (+ 3 1/2)
Could Sean Alexander return to Seattle as a starter for Skin fans? If he does, they're likely to lose this game traveling west. I trust CP will suit it up and Santana Moss will catch a big play or two. It'll be close, but not FG close.

Upset Special #1
Indianapolis Colts @ San Diego Chargers (- 2 1/2)
A lot of public money will hit Indy early and often. San Diego - even at home - doesn't have anything left in the tank that scares people. Indy is clicking. Despite Norv having Dungy's number, Peyton and co. are playing too well. Bob Sanders needs to play though.

Upset Special #2
NY Giants @ Arizona Cardinals (+3 1/2)
Jacobs should be fine; however, Vegas knows something in this spread the average eye doesn't. Ballhawking safeties like Rolle and Wilson might make Eli regret a pass or two. He's gotten away with a few too many close-INTs this season. I'm taking a real shot least for that spread - as small as it seems - not to last. (Deep breath)

Upset Special #3
San Francisco 49ers @ Dallas Cowboys (-11 1/2)
Either Dallas guts out this win (barely) in the closing minutes OR Shaun Hill struggles big time and Big D wins by three touchdowns. Dallas isn't ready for Romo to throw a parade of TDs. TO needs a 2-TD day badly though. I fear that because I'm up against him in fantasy. More deep breaths to come shortly...

Top Ten Fantasy Insights of the Week...You Didn't Expect
1) Kurt Warner is likely on one of the top team's in your fantasy league.
2) Tom Brady isn't.
3) Peyton Manning is back. The idiots who traded him will pay.
4) LT will not be #1 next year. Adrian Peterson has that locked up.
5) Andre Johnson owners (me!) are panicking.
6) Anquan Boldin owners aren't.
7) Coles and Cotchery won't each have a good fantasy week the rest of the way. Good luck with that!
8) Santana Moss can't be started until he's 100%.
9) Kevin Boss owners might see a few more doughnuts this season.
10) NFC North defenses are mad unpredictable.

See ya next week...

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