Friday, September 12, 2008

PHSports College Football Top 10: 1st Week of September

Under the radar is the best way to describe the past weekend in college football. That is, unless you cheer for a certain team from Morgantown.

It should come as no surprise though that the past weekend was quiet, despite a majority of the top 25 playing, when you consider it was opening weekend for an upstart organization named the NFL.

After speaking with the “higher-ups” at PHSports, I’m glad to announce that our top 10 version of our “power rankings” will be out each and every Saturday morning.

I’m waiting for you to exhale now.

Let’s not forget it allows those oh-so-interesting Thursday night matchups to get the tiniest bit of reflection!

For example…UNC’s uniforms stunk. However, they spanked Rutgers from the second quarter on BIG TIME.

As for the rankings, let’s get to it!

..starting at the bottom...

10. Texas Longhorns
Colt McCoy is healthy, Texas is completely under the radar in a loaded Big XII, and yet they still have to travel to Oklahoma, Texas Tech, and Kansas. I’ll try not to look ahead too much though. Yeah, sure.
Next Up: (Tropical Storm) Ike has delayed a not-so-intriguing matchup with a highly underachieving Arkansas squad..

9. Wisconsin Badgers
Trailing early 14-0 to Marshall, I wondered if I’d be snake bitten by propping the Badgers up too early in the season? 51 unanswered points later and the Badgers showed they can air it out almost as well as they can run it. Against Marshall, at least.
Next Up: An interesting trip to Fresno State to take on (did you know they were ranked?) Bulldogs of the West Coast today.

8. Texas Tech Red Raiders
One of the reasons I have the Red Raiders in my top 10 is because Pay is correctly critical of their “defense”. However, I’m a little excited to see that the Red Raider D only gave up 19 points to a talented Wolfpack offense.
Next Up: Cupcakes continue for Harrell, Crabtree, and company with SMU in Lubbock today.

7. Florida Gators
The Gators shut down the Cannes by 23 and I drop them two spots? Yep. While Urban Meyer’s crew didn’t do anything wrong, I wasn’t crazy about their first-half performance. I also have a lot of positive things to say about the two teams who leapfrogged the Gators.
Next Up: Tennessee hosts the Gators in a rivalry game that might deserve a few of these “”””” next weekend”.

6. LSU Tigers
Gustav caused a cancellation of their game against Troy; however, it looks like the matchup with North Texas this weekend is…on. Eyes have to be leering ahead to their matchup with Auburn (yes, another Tigers of the SEC) later this month. Can anyone say showdown?
Next Up: North Texas visits the Bayou in primetime tonight. Ouch.

5. Oklahoma Sooners
Props to Stoops and company for playing BCS-conference opponents early on, even if they are middle-of-the-pack squads (Cincy, Washington, & TCU). It will only help when the meat and potatoes of their (Big XII) schedule shows up.
Next Up: Washington and Ty Willingham host the Sooners on “Saturday the 13th”.

4. Ohio State Buckeyes
I won’t put any stock into last week’s game against the Bobcats. Why you ask? The team was missing a key ingredient (Beanie Wells), was obviously looking forward to USC (who can blame them), and was due for a letdown early in the year. That’s your one excuse for the year Buckeye fans. Enjoy it.
Next Up: Traveling to USC in the “Game of the Year” thus far. Ohio State could be an 11-1 team playing in the Rose Bowl again in January, unless they lost by 20-30+.

3. Missouri Tigers
Alright, I got axed for my WVU love. Nevertheless, I’m sticking by my Tigers. They put points on the board, have a QB full of moxy, and I love how they can score on all three sides of the ball.
Next Up: The aforementioned Wolfpack of Nevada tackles another top 10 team, traveling to Missouri this afternoon.

2. Georgia Bulldogs
They’re likely to stick at #2, depending on who winds up victorious in the USC/Ohio State matchup. Don’t pity the Bulldogs though as they’re likely to beat up on the Ole’ Ball Coach and the Gamecocks this weekend. This team is fired up and knows a trip to Arizona State and hosting the Crimson Tide awaits the next two weeks.
Next Up: Spurrier might need to do more than apologize after the Dawgs leave Saturday afternoon.

1. USC Trojans
They had the week off and they’re still amazing. The line against the Buckeyes is 10 ½ and might grow before the end of the week. What an amazing September showdown that should be.
Next Up: Please don’t make me repeat myself.

Dropped Out: West Virginia (ECU is good…but not that good.)
Inserted: Texas (It might be a mistake to underestimate a healthy Colt McCoy and the Longhorns.)
On the Fringe: Auburn, Kansas, Arizona State, Alabama, and BYU

Check out my “5 Games I’m Targeting” early Saturday morning(ish).

Until next rankings…

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