Thursday, September 11, 2008

Clement's Weekly Picks and Prognostications...Week 2

I decided to ditch the 5,000 word posts and look where it got me…
…2-3, already an upset special down, and trouble ahead in the coming weeks.

While other "experts" might look for some cupcakes to pick up their schedules, I refuse to do so!

Without further banter, let’s rock and/or roll!!!

NFL Picks: 2-3 [Out of the gates rickety and a little rusty to boot!]
Upset Special: 0-1 [Why do I keep picking road dogs? WHY!?!?]

…all spreads courtesy of Yahoo! Sports…

New England @ NY Jets (-2.5)

Calvin Pace, not Alan Faneca, may turn out to be this year's top Jet offseason acquisition.
Credit: DayLife

Am I prenouncing the Pats a sure-fire 8-8 team and out of the playoffs? Not a chance. Buffalo is far from as good as Seattle made them look, the Jets showed a lot of weaknesses last week, and we’re still talking Belicheat here. While he won’t break the rules this week, he’ll have a defensive scheme sturdy enough to make this more than a competitive game. Looking for the real matchup to watch? Can the Jets muster anything close to a consistent pass rush to take the pressure off of Revis & Lowery? Me doubts it sadly. Pats move to 2-0, sans Brady.

Buffalo @ Jacksonville (-6)

The Bills can make a GIGANTIC statement this weekend by walking into Jacksonville with a W. Unfortunately for "Toronto" fans, their special teams won’t score this week, MJD will have 100+ yards, and Garrard won’t turn the ball over. It’ll be close, but the Jags take the touchdown victory and cover a HUGE, undeserved number at home. Call me a hater. Do it!

San Diego @ Denver (Pick’Em)
I could’ve taken Indy/Minn or even Philly/Dallas; however, I've always had a soft spot for the AFC West. Hahahahahaha. Okay, seriously...I don’t. Anyone who believed in the Raiders before last week...sit down and be quiet please. Instead, I’m just interested in seeing how the Bolts D looks without a gimpy Merriman and the Broncos offense (okay, enough about Cutler and diabetes for this week) with Brandon Marshall. While I love what BM (horrid nickname, I know) adds, I don’t think he’s the elite, gamebreaking wideout everyone labels him as already. Cromartie tabs a late pick-six to clinch the game for the Super Chargers.

New Orleans @ Washington (-1)

Drew Brees is the Steve Nash of the NFL. Agreed?

Don’t underestimate the Skins in their home opener. Don’t underestimate Jason Campbell’s struggles with the West Coast offense. Don’t underestimate Jeremy Shockey’s impact on the ‘Aints offense. Don’t underestimate how many times I underestimate injuries (Colston). Reggie Bush will struggle this week. I’m taking the Skins…why I don’t know.

Upset Special

Tennessee @ Cincinnati (-1)
Another road dog? Seriously, Clement? You got it dude. The team is more than ready and willing to rally around Kerry Collins at QB and has a defensive line as dominant as any in the league. While Cincinnati isn’t as bad as their performance at Baltimore was last week…jump on the Titans to take this game outright and ALWAYS favor the AFC South middle of the pack over the AFC North chum.

I don't like the Vince Young tag of being Uncle Rico. However, I do love this picture.
Credit: QBN

3 Must Starts and Must Sits

…Last Week…
Donte Stallworth was inactive (no harm, no foul), Dwayne Bowe was a fantastic #1 wr start and could’ve easily had 2 TDs, and as for Matt Ryan…SUCK IT HATERS!!!

…This Week…
Larry Johnson has the Raiders as an opponent and needs to pick up some fantasy owners (me!)…so he will.
Alge Crumpler will benefit from the steadier hand of Kerry Collins. He’s a great sleeper at TE a lot of people cut after Week 1.
Patrick Crayton might be the sneakiest 6 catch, 75 yard (TD threat) guy in fantasy this season. Don’t sit him in your #4 WR slot. Even against a mega-talented secondary in Philly.


…Last Week…
Laurence Maroney will be a major fantasy frustration all season long, Calvin Johnson didn’t score (yet his 100+ yards tanked my logic), and Daniels was useless and Scheffler’s 72 yards were on one sans-TD catch (meh).

…This Week…
Devrey Henderson is as popular a pick this week, but I don’t see it.
Pierre Thomas is a mega-pooular pickup; however, there has to be better options out there to pick up a cheap-TD from the RB position.
L.J. Smith isn’t a primetime player. No-go on his start at TE this week.

Let’s see how it all works out.

Sorry, I couldn’t wax any more poetic than that.
Or did I just do that?

Until next predictions…

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