Sunday, September 07, 2008

NFL Week 1 Running Blog

On Thursday, the NFL officially started its season. That said, today is when the league really gets down to business. Here are some ongoing observations ...


  • Tom Brady has suffered a knee injury. Matt Cassel has deputized quite well in engineering a long scoring drive. Cassel to Moss? For now, it'll have to work.
  • 17 minutes into the NFL season, Willie Parker has matched his touchdown total from last year (two). So much for Rashard Menden Fumblehall stealing goal-line touches. Pittsburgh is having its way with Houston. Big Ben has been sacked a grand total of zero times.
  • The Eagles are looking superb thus far against the hapless Rams. The Eagles are without their top 2 WRs, which would be third and fourth on everyone else's depth chart. DeSean Jackson is electrifying.
  • I expected a big day from Michael Turner, but 135 yards on 9 carries with two TDs is sick on many levels. Matt Ryan has completed all five pass attempts and done something that no Atlanta QB has done ... make Michael Jenkins relevant.
  • With a knackered Mike Nugent, Brett Favre pulls a Brett Favre and throws a pass that Chansi Stuckey (7th rounder from last year) grabs for dear life on 4th and 13. J-E-T-S ?


  • The two teams from Pennsylvania have been most impressive. St. Louis and Houston are not this bad.
  • So much for Miami RBs running all over the Jets. Early in the 4th quarter, the Dolphins have a whopping 49 rushing yards.
  • Devery Henderson is the only NFL receiver who I think can maintain a 84.0 ypc average.
  • Listed Chad Ocho Cinco Johnson ... he finally has a catch. The Bangles are still down 10-3 to a rookie QB and Willis McGahee resting. How has Chris Perry done so far ... barely averaging more than 2 ypc with a lost fumble. What is Shaun Alexander's mobile #?


  • It's obligatory that I bring up the beatdown in Orchard Park. I did pick the Bills in my pick'em league, but I did not expect the whalloping that is being evidenced. Who knew that Trent Edwards would have more passing yards than Matt Hasselbeck? Not me. In his defense, it's hard to throw the ball when you're placed on your back five times and hurried many more times. I did know that Julius Jones sucks though. 8 carries and -5 yards.
  • Why were the Eagles starters still in the game with a 31-point lead? Kevin Kolb just completed a pass ... why did the Eagles trade up in the 2nd round to select him two drafts ago?
  • Matt Schaub is somewhat of a fantasy garbage time king. Down by a million points, he now has two TDs to his name. That said, he has done zero to validate the lump sum he recieved last year. Is that a Sage I see in the distance?
  • Tennessee is closing in on "upset" at home against Jacksonville. The inability for the Jags to rush the ball reminds me of their first game of the season last year, which was against these very Titans. Though I was shocked to see him get drafted in the first round, Chris Johnson has been stellar today with over 90 yards and a receiving TD.


  • Dallas has stomped a mudhole into Cleveland. After Felix scored a TD in his first NFL carry, Clement said, "It took 1 play for Felix Jones to make sure Julius Jones is never uttered again in Dallas."
  • San Diego is playing like ... a team coached by Norv Turner. While the offense has been known to take off quarters, it's not often that the defense gives up 6+ ypc. DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart may be the 1-2 punch necessary to get the Panthers the 13 wins that Sum predicted. I still disagree.
  • Arizona is up 10 points, but their games with San Fran always end up being close. For those keeping up with Martz Watch, the 49ers have 17 passes and 17 runs.


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St. Louis is totally that bad.