Monday, September 08, 2008

Are the Monsters of the Midway Back to '06 Form?

If last night is any indication of their future fortunes, the Bears are serious about returning to the Super Bowl. Though Indianapolis was not exactly on their game (and without offensive line anchor Jeff Saturday), so to speak, the Bears did two things they failed to do in all of '07.
  1. Run the ball with authority.
  2. Defend the run.

Time will tell whether the Bears' line play will prove durable. Also, it's easy to dismiss the play of Kyle "is our quarterback" Orton; however, it's not so easy to take away from his 13-6 record as a starter. Not to mention, he had a higher QB rating than one master of Hungry Hungry Hippos. Chicago may be where receivers go to die, but you don't need receivers when you have a running game, two able-bodied tight ends and a hungry defense looking to make things right after plenty of lags last season.

Who does Chicago meet in Week 2? That's right, the Carolina Panthers - home for Muhsin Muhammad - another NFC team that did not make the playoffs last season who defeated a top 3 team in the AFC last season on their home field.

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