Thursday, April 10, 2008

PHSports 2008 NBA Mock Draft – 1st Round

Greetings one and all to our first of many collaborative NBA Mock Drafts here at PHSports. While sooner than later we’ll dive into the foray of a two-round mock, today’s installation is focusing only on Round 1.

Syracuse fans aren't too devastated from Green's early departure. He might be after he sees his draft stock continue to slip.
Credit: Yahoo! Sports

We’re taking a leap of faith as several potential prospects won’t make their official decision to declare their intention to enter the draft until the deadline (April 27th). Even more may not sign an agent and end up returning to their college team before June’s draft.

To avoid too much controversy over staying/going, we’ve decided to take an all-or-nothing approach. We’re assuming quite a bit with who may be leaving or staying…but at least we’ll be consistent.

We (Pay & Clement) have decided to be duel it out as a consensus of head coach, player personnel direction, scout, owner/president, and general manager. We LOVE that type of power. Then again, who wouldn’t?

Without further banter, let’s roll!

Rating the Lopez-twins, both all but assured to go before the end of Round 1, is a bit tricky.
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1) Miami Heat
Selection: Michael Beasley, PF, Kansas State
Comments: You can’t overvalue PG in this draft or in the NBA, despite how talented Rose is.

2) Seattle Supersonics
Selection: Derrick Rose, PG, Memphis
Comments: The foundation is starting to build.

3) Minnesota Timberwolves
Selection: Brook Lopez, C, Stanford
Comments: Randy Foye may not be an elite PG, but Minnesota needs a big next to Jefferson.

4) Memphis Grizzlies
Selection: OJ Mayo, SG, USC
Comments: We would trade. Are they set at the 1,2, or 3 (assuming they keep Miller)? Gun to the head …

5) New York Knicks
Selection: Jerryd Bayless, PG, Arizona
Comments: Somewhat unenviable position here. Shocker with the Knicks involved. Could they potential trade and dump a contract or two?

6) Los Angeles Clippers
Selection: Eric Gordon, SG, Indiana
Comments: He can find his own shot and oddly reminds us of Sam Cassell. Even if Gordon isn’t the prototypical PG.

7) Milwaukee Bucks
Selection: DeAndre Jordan, C, Texas A&M
Comments: The new Los Angeles Clippers. Year by year, they compile lottery picks. In the NFL, they’d be screwed. This pick was downright brutal. In the end, he’s 7-feet tall and won’t take up too many shots. Don’t put any stock into this DeAndre, Milwaukee needs a center…and you’re just about it right now.

8) Charlotte Bobcats
Selection: Darrell Arthur, PF, Kansas
Comments: Remember: it’s Jordan. Will Okafor leave? Either way, they need bigs. Gallinari is yet again a victim of not being a proper fit to the needs and system of a team. Shocked by the pick? He can hit the mid-range jumper, plays great defense, RUNS and played on a winning team (which MJ loves).

9) Indiana Pacers
Selection: DJ Augustin, PG, Texas
Comments: Look at the roster, they need a point guard. One that won’t get shot at either (Pay made the joke, Clement demanded it be posted). Augustin has to overcome that Memphis performance in workouts. Get in the gym and get stronger, young man.

10) Chicago Bulls
Selection: Danilo Gallinari, SF, Armani Milan (Italy)
Comments: It’s finally time to take the best player available. Fortunately for Chicago, he has a boatload of talent.

Now that one European has gone. When will another (i.e. Batum) follow?
Credit: Yahoo! Sports

11) New Jersey Nets
Selection: Kevin Love, PF, UCLA
Comments: They like their 1, 2, and 3. Even if we HATE their 2 (stop chucking!). They have plenty of bodies up front (Boone, Diop, Swift, Krstic and Williams to name a few). Although, several are in a contract year. To be honest, we’re not gaga over Love at #11. No chance.

12) Sacramento Kings
Selection: JaVale McGee, C, Nevada
Comments: Blake Griffin has ruined this draft by staying in school. He has made far too many “second-choices” for teams. We basically flipped a coin between Lopez and McGee.

13) Portland Trailblazers
Selection: Anthony Randolph, SF, LSU
Comments: They need to take the best player available and honestly can take a risk, on talent and NOT character. Fantastic value on this squad.

14) Golden State Warriors
Selection: Nicolas Batum, SG/SF, Le Mans (France)
Comments: B Diddy with a player option is key: but he’s gonna stay (we think). Free agent Monta Ellis is such a major factor. We’re struggling between potential and fit. Clement still loves this guy.

15) Phoenix Suns [from Atlanta]
Selection: Brandon Rush, SF, Kansas
Comments: Likely with Shaq’s contract ($40 million over 2 years), they’re trading this pick. Are they going to build for the future (PG) OR try and stockpile a talented reserve?

16) Philadelphia 76ers
Selection: Robin Lopez, C, Stanford
Comments: Pay and Clement debate if Andre Iguodala is worth a potential $70-million contract. Either way, they’re going to be forced to pay him. Nice work, Billy King. Clement is weary, but Pay’s confidence easily wins out.

17) Washington Wizards
Selection: Darren Collison, PG, UCLA
Comments: Agent Zero: what are you going to do? The same can’t be forgotten about Mr. Consistency Antawn Jamison. Is there a big worth jumping over a PG? Probably not at this point.

18) Toronto Raptors
Selection: Chris Douglas-Roberts, SG, Memphis
Comments: Swingman, that’s all we decided. Is Clement forcing Russell Westbrook to plummet?

Is the "hate" towards Westbrook as illegitimate as his point guard capabilities?
Credit: Yahoo! Sports

19) Cleveland Cavaliers
Selection: Russell Westbrook, PG/SG, UCLA
Comments: Fortunately, the HATE has ended. Honestly, I don’t mind Westbrook at all. But is he a true PG? We’ll see.

20) Denver Nuggets
Selection: Mario Chalmers, PG, Kansas
Comments: Defense and he can get off his own shot (evident in the title game, right?). Suddenly, for the first time, the name Lawson is mentioned.

21) Orlando Magic
Selection: Earl Clark, SF/PF, Louisville
Comments: A lot of cap flexibility and a lot of potential as the playoffs arrive.
Can the Magic be as illogical as I am: not taking Hansbrough due to Redick being an overachieving ACC player. Clark needs to grow, from the waist.

22) New Jersey Nets [from Dallas]
Selection: Donte Greene, SF, Syracuse
Comments: Rock solid value at this spot, especially since they can wait on Greene for a season or two. The kid still has a high amount of potential. He was second in the Big East in scoring.

23) Utah Jazz
Selection: Roy Hibbert, C, Georgetown
Comments: In a word…keep your depth and trade. Wait, that was several words. Another word: project. Especially since Brewer has had a solid year. We’re taking Hibbert over Thabeet, who is an enigma wrapped in a mystery right now.

24) San Antonio Spurs
Selection: Hasheem Thabeet, C, Connecticut
Comments: Pay wants Dorsey. I want Thabeet out of the Big East. Seattle is devastated. Another project center.

25) Seattle Supersonics [from Phoenix]
Selection: Jason Thompson, PF, Rider
Comments: They have their PG of the future. Shocker: they need a BIG. Don’t take Psycho T, that’s an MJ-pick. Hendrix has a lot of upside, but he might suck too. Ryan Anderson is too much of a 3. Can Jeff Green play the 4 and allow Alexander to play the 3? Gotta love when Rider guys go 1st-round.

26) Houston Rockets
Selection: Chase Budinger, SG/SF, Arizona
Comments: There isn’t a 5 here worth taking. Sorry. So they can use depth at the 3, offensively, at least.

27) Memphis Grizzlies [from LA Lakers]
Selection: Tyler Hansbrough, PF, North Carolina
Comments: You MUST go big. YOU MUST! He is a character guy who can attract fans and haters. Hometown-esque pick of Dorsey? Not so much.

28) New Orleans Hornets
Selection: Joe Alexander, SF, West Virginia
Comments: They need a playmaker off of the bench, not a role player. We’re very interested in Julian Wright and his potential progression. This is a luxury pick. You can have a lot of fun with this. We’re wondering: Alexander or Damion James? We like Weaver a lot too. What a fun pick.

29) Detroit Pistons
Selection: Joey Dorsey, PF/C, Memphis
Comments: What’s the deal with McDyess? So much is set, although they’re getting older. The question is: 4/5? Don’t Amir Johnson & Jason Maxiell need help: Dorsey can rebound, play defense, and go away on offense. CHECK!

30) Boston Celtics
Selection: Damion James, SF, Texas
Comments: Will he come out? Who cares, he’s a potential steal and a stud reserve on this talented roster. If he doesn’t come out, then there’s a boatload of talent here anyways. Notably, Tyler Smith.

Dont' cry Joey. A spot on the Piston roster is perfect for you.
Credit: Yahoo! Sports

You know we want YOUR comments...NOW!!!!

Until next mock...


Anonymous said...

I like the picks. I'm not sure if Eric Gordon will drop all the way to 6 especially with the NBA draft lottery not being set. So I think if it happens like this the Clippers would be lucky to get Gordon.

JamesOn said...

There's no way some of the players that you have on there slip that far. Here are just some of the lowlights:

Love at 11? Right..
Hibbert at 23? Come on..
Buddinger at 23 and the CPOY Hansbrough at 24? You're insane.

You're fired.

Paymon said...

Love is a great fit with the Nets should he decide to leave school early, though he will likely slip to the late teens or early 20s.

As for Hibbert, this isn't last year. His stock has dropped immensely.

On Budinger, I could easily see him going after Alexander or James, who are more dynamic at both ends of the floor. Despite improving on defense in the last season, Budinger could use another year of school.

Fannation Comments said...

Several comments from a sister-post at for Pay and Chris to tackle:

1) I like what you have done just, I dont think that the sonics will take another guard this year. After Durant they might go for a big man.

2) Hansbrough will be higher then 24 without a doubt.

3) I think the picks are pretty decent. I agree about Hanbrough. He doesn't have a consistent shot outside of the lane and his flopping and flailing won't get him to the free throw line in the NBA.

4) I would have either Gallinari or Love as picks for the Bulls. As an impatient fan, I have waited too long. I have grown tired of picks from college, that has a lot of potential, but unproven talent (T. Thomas). I should also mention Deng and Gordon, who were high draft picks of 04', but still turned out as good players. But they did not have the passion or intensity to lead the team. Not to discredit them as good players, but they disappointed me for turning down big contracts. Even though they have not proven themselves, as players who could lead the team. I want to have a pick that has the talent, and the passion to lead his team.

Anonymous said...

This whole thing is gonna get screwed up when fate flips the #1 ping pong ball to the Warriors, because fate knows the dubs should be in the playoffs and wants to reward them after the 48 win season. Warriors pick Beasely and move up the Western ladder.

SEO said...