Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wednesday Night Hoops

Since the start of this blog, we have preached one thing: accountability. Whether it's calling ourselves out or those whom we write about, that has been one of our guiding aims.

That said, it's no surprise that we bring up Indiana head coach and serial texter Kelvin Sampson. If the allegations that swept today's breaking news alerts are true, then severe actions must be taken against Sampson. I'm not talking about the weak stuff that Roger Goodell levied on Bill Belichick. I'm talking about the severity of the punishment that befell former California and current Morgan State head coach Todd Bozeman. Somewhere, Gregg Doyel is smiling.

Stepping out of college for a moment, Devean George has put an effective stop to the feel-good story of Jason Kidd "returning home" to the team that drafted him. So, how many days will it be before the Dallas brass approaches Devean George and his 3.8 points per game, who will likely be booed at home games, about a buyout?

Returning to college basketball ...
  • Notre Dame is good, but they still cannot win an important game on the road.
  • Syracuse effectively signed up for the NIT this evening following an embarrassing defeat to South Florida. Even had they not won, it would have been very difficult .. but they have so much talent. C'mon Boeheim!
  • Drake finally loses (to perennial NCAA tournament fixture Southern Illinois) and the haters get to take a deep breath. How will they react at Northern Iowa on Saturday? That may very well decide the victor in their BracketBuster Main Event matchup at Butler.
  • While others have yet to sign up for the NIT, a number of non-lock teams in addition to those already mentioned - Kansas State, Baylor, Ole Miss, Florida, Creighton and Ohio - succumbed to defeat against double-digit losses.
  • Kudos to Wisconsin on their victory. The take-home lesson to the Hoosiers: The glass giveth (Eric Gordon 3-pointer to tie game in win at Illinois) and the glass taketh away (Brian Butch 3-pointer with 4.5 seconds remaining to put the Badgers ahead to stay).

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