Sunday, January 20, 2008

5 Questions for Championship Sunday in the NFL

Who will be hoisting the conference championship trophies today???


1) Given the success of AJ Feeley and Kyle Boller against seemingly undaunted New England, can Billy Volek's relative anonymity be a boon to the Chargers should the QB be forced into duty?

2) Will Sunday evening’s NFC title tilt be the coldest game in Playoff history?

3) Will Antonio Cromartie’s presence as a starter in the Chargers secondary, which he wasn’t in Week 2, play a major role in the outcome of the AFC Championship?

4) Will the Giants depleted secondary be able to contain Donald Driver in the flat, Greg Jennings along the sidelines, and the wizardry of the forever-young Brett Favre?

5) Seriously, how many personal fouls are you tabbing Rodney Harrison for?

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Paymon said...

RE: Question 3 - Cromartie's presence makes a difference. However, the physicality of the entire D has transformed since Week 2 from the defensive tackle to the safeties. The Chargers only have a chance if they can put Brady on the ground early. Chargers defensive coordinator Ted Cottrell must be creative in his blitz packages and mix it up between halves.