Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Tuesday FourCast - Week 14

Interesting week in the NFL. There was a light mix of drama, division clinchers and great QB play. The Patriots are still undefeated. The Flounders...er...Dolphins are still winless. And the referees are calling the games like a bunch of blind zebras. Let's cut to the chase.

1. L.T. goes T.O.

What does L.T. think? Just because he throws a touchdown pass every few games, he thinks Rivers should throw nothing but touchdowns? Rivers is by no means a Favre, Brady or Manning. Tomlinson cannot expect impeccable play. Sure, watching your QB throw away a game is frustrating, but you have to stand by your man. I like L.T., but when Rivers sat next to him on the bench and L.T. stood right up with that scowl on his face, I lost a little respect for him. Looks like L.T. still needs to mature. I wonder if there would have been a different scene in that fake kiss-and-make-up press conference after the game, if they had lost. Did they think they were fooling anyone? This is how it started for T.O. and Jeff Garcia, and we all know where that ended. At this point, the situation is in the hands of Norv Turner. Far from a disciplinarian, Turner would be well-advised to stray from his normal behavior, and nip this in the bud right away.

2. The Purple People Beater

Going into the 2006 NFL draft, Tarvaris Jackson was a bit of an enigma. He had, arguably, the strongest arm in the draft, yet regardless of his accuracy at Alabama State, the jury was out on his accuracy once he makes the jump to the NFL. In week two, he threw four interceptions, following that up with a week 6 & 7 where his completion percentage was below 40 percent. Things were not looking so good. However, in the last four games, Jackson deserves at least some of the credit for the four game win streak. While his TD numbers aren't amazing (4 TDs, 2 Ints), his accuracy is the most impressive. He has completed 61 of 83 passes during that stretch for a very accurate 73% completion percentage. After the first half of the season, many thought the Vikings would have to target another QB in the draft. However, Jackson looks to be their "QB of the Future" again.

3 - Can I Be A Head Coach?

This week, we saw another coaching mistake that arguably made it very difficult for their team to win. Last week, we saw Hall of Fame Coach Joe Gibbs call consecutive timeouts to give the opposing team an easy shot at a game-winning field goal. This week, we saw a lack of judgment by a coach who was considered a Mangenius last year. Mangini went against the odds. He had three timeouts left, and plenty of time, yet he went for a second onside kick in a row. At 4th and 10, they could have gone for the first down, and even if they missed, they would have their opponent pinned with their backs to the end zone. Yet, they chose to kick a FG. Both the Redskins and the Jets could have different head coaches on their sidelines next year; however, Mangini probably deserves another chance.

4. Vick gets 23 in the Pound...

...and he deserves every minute of it. I also love the little bit that the judge threw in there, making it a 23-month sentence and not a 24 month sentence. With two years of good behavior, Vick could have served less than 23 months, but now that he won't serve a two-year sentence, he will actually spend more time in the pound than if he had received 24 months. Now the question is: Will Vick ever make it back to the NFL? The answer depends on several factors. First and foremost is how long Goodell bans Vick once his prison sentence is over. Another factor is who will be the Falcons QB when Vick is eligible to return. Lastly, who will want a rusty QB in his 30s, who hasn't played in 2-3 years, and wasn't accurate in the passing game to begin with? Unfortunately, we will see one of the best talents to ever grace the league go to waste. Fortunately though, we removed another criminal from the streets.

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