Friday, December 28, 2007

Clement’s Weekly Picks and Prognostications…Week 17

Blame the holidays, blame the traffic, blame the end of a semester, blame whatever you want. During Week 16, for many of us (not me this season), it was the culmination of a fantasy season and I was MIA.

And not the crappy Sri Lankan-born singer either.

But fear not, as Week 17 offers us two playoff spots in the NFL up for grabs AND 5% of fantasy leagues that – for reasons beyond my understanding – end their seasons in Week 17.

We will be making playoff picks and transitioning into college basketball picks in the coming weeks; however, not even a single mention will be made in accordance with Fantasy NFL Playoff Leagues. Except for that one, of course.

NFL Picks: [28-15-2]
New England @ NY Giants [+14.5]

How many suckers drafted Stallworth before Moss?
Credit: Yahoo! Sports

Couldn’t the spread be 16? We have heard anything and everything possible about the Pats and this season of greatness (and yes, it’s been beyond great). The real question is will Tom Brady and Randy Moss hook up for two more record-breaking TDs before they sit. 16-0 will be a special moment in the Meadowlands, spread or not, just not for the Patri-haters.

San Francisco @ Cleveland [-10]

Anybody else think he looks like a brother of Will Smith?

Credit: Yahoo! Sports

San Fran is blowing a top 5 pick for New England (poor Pats, will they ever catch a break?). Interestingly enough, Cleveland can lose this game and still visit the 3-seed next weekend. Although, it is underreported that if the Titans and Colts freakishly tie, the Browns need to win. Since Romeo Crennel is bound to know this, don’t bet for one second that the Browns won’t deliver a blowout victory in Week 17.

Tennessee @ Indianapolis [+6.5]

Has there ever been a playoff-QB with a worse TD to INT ratio?

Credit: Yahoo! Sports

On Sunday night, the Titans will know – just as they do right now - what they need to do to secure the 6-seed in the playoffs: WIN. With that being said, the Colts are likely to sit anyone and everyone possible. While everyone is asking about Marvin Harrison, I want to know how rusty Anthony Gonzalez, Raheem Brock and Robert Mathis might be after a bye week? While the Titans are the riskiest bet east of New Orleans, go with them, albeit hesitantly, to cover.

Dallas @ Washington [-9]

How many Week 17 Fantasy GMs are starting Glenn?

Credit: Yahoo! Sports

I could make things easier and tell you that I believe New Orleans and Minnesota will win, but neither will, which means the ‘Skins could very well already have a wild-card berth locked up before they play. If only the NFL wanted real drama and pegged one of the other two NFC wild-card contenders at 4pm as well. It won’t matter, as the Skins will win. As for covering? Barely. In fact, by a point.

3 Must Starts and Must Sits

…Final Week…
Tom Brady: Don’t sit him. The touchdown record means more than he’ll ever admit, even he only plays the 1st half.
Greg Jones: While Jones-Drew and Taylor are likely to sit in the 2nd half, Jones will get plenty of muck yardage throughout Week 17.
Kenton Keith: If you were wise and held onto the backup, this is the week to truly enjoy what he can do. While he may not put up Addai-like numbers, he’s the best spoiler the Titans D will face.

…Final Week…
Terry Glenn: Nobody knows how healthy he is or how much Dallas cares about this game. Not a good idea.
Vince Young: Huh? I just don’t think he’s the right start; especially, with so many other options available this weekend.
Ahmad Bradshaw: It’s tempting for the big play, but the Pats will neither face any injuries nor any chance of not seeing 16-0.

Happy New Years to all. Be safe!

Until next time…

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