Saturday, December 01, 2007

5 FBS Questions: Salvation Saturday Edition

Note: FBS is formerly known as Division 1-A of collegiate football.

Anybody want it?
Source: GeoCities

1) Will the QB tandem of junior Sean Glennon and freshman Tyrod Taylor propel Va. Tech to its first ACC title in only its third year in the conference?

2) How much havoc will the battered and bruised Glenn Dorsey be able to cause today when lining up against Tennessee QB Erik Ainge?

3) Will anyone make a move on the Heisman and enter the Downtown Athletic Club as a clear cut favorite?

4) Could Georgia vault its way into the national championship game without even playing in the SEC Title game?

5) Will Missouri be the next #1, and West Virginia the next #2 facing an unranked opponent at home, to lose this weekend?

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