Friday, November 30, 2007

Clement’s Weekly Picks and Prognostications…Week 13

Just when things start to seem amazing (I’ve been on a roll like no other in picking professional and collegiate games), I dive head-first into this potential roadblock.

Perhaps, I can storm through it. Perhaps, my winning streak will continue. Perhaps, it’s all downhill from here too.

On a more sports-friendly note, this weekend offers a ton of enticing matchups. This is especially considering that losing teams have favorable spreads against winning teams (Arizona ov er Cleveland, New Orleans over Tampa Bay, and even Philadelphia over Seattle).

NFL Picks: [22-14-1]
Detroit @ Minnesota [-3]

Credit: Yahoo! Sports

Anybody else notice how the Vikes are 2-0 without A-Pete? Trust me, it’s an anomaly. With that being said, Brad Childress would be the world’s biggest moron to not make sure Peterson is 1000% healthy, not just 100. What isn’t an anomaly is the recent swoon of the Lions defense. While everything seems to be playing towards a Vikings win, the Lions are savvy enough on the road to bust this spread and save their season. I can’t believe I just called the Lions ‘savvy’.

Jacksonville @ Indianapolis [-7.5]

Credit: Yahoo! Sports

can silence the doubters and put their typical stranglehold on the AFC South division. However, even at home, that won’t be so easy as David Garrard has not thrown so much as one INT the entire season. While I believe Indy will pick him off, I won’t take the Colts to cover this large of a number straight up.

NY Giants @ Chicago [+1.5]

Credit: Yahoo! Sports

Don’t kick to Devin Hester! With the Giants preparing for the annual second-half freefall in the standings, here are the Bears at 5-6 clinging to whatever playoff “hopes” they can muster. Unfortunately, even at home, the Giants pass rush should be more than enough to force Rex Grossman into a day filled with mistakes. While picking the Giants in December is toxic, so is assuming Grossman can spark a “winning-streak” for the Bears.

NCAA Picks: [15-6]
Tennessee @ LSU [-7.5] {Atlanta, Georgia}

Credit: Yahoo! Sports

Interestingly enough, with another loss, it’s very likely LSU won’t be attending a BCS Bowl. Period. They would join last year’s national champs, Florida, as Georgia (idle) is the likely at-large choice. While their rushing offense is far from stable, Erik Ainge is dynamite in the redzone and good enough to keep the Vols under this spread.

Missouri @ Oklahoma [-3] {San Antonio, Texas}

Credit: Yahoo! Sports

Playing for a spot in the BCS Title game, Missouri needs to take a cue from Texas Tech and protect the ball and start early. Despite losing earlier this season in Norman, Mizzou Heisman hopeful QB Chase Daniels has the Tigers on the cusp of the school’s biggest game in over 50 years. However, Oklahoma poses enough mismatches – particularly with a healthy Sam Bradford at QB – to force yet another #1 team to drop from the polls.

Boston College @ Virginia Tech [-4.5] {Jacksonville, Florida}

Credit: Yahoo! Sports

A spot in the Orange Bowl would be nice for either team, especially since the Hokies are still feeling snake-bitten following their 2-minute collapse at the hands of Matt Ryan and the Golden Eagles. Eventually, all this pro-Boston sports love has to end. The Hokies will help that in winning by at least a touchdown.

3 Must Starts and Must Sits
…Last Week…
Santana Moss: Fumbling on the first snap is never a good sign.
Bernard Berrian: That was a sensational touchdown catch, in spite of Rex’s throw.
Leonard Pope: Disappointing when Warner throws for nearly a half grand that Pope barely nets 35 yards.

…This Week…
Donte Stallworth: He’ll get a deep ball or two with Ed Reed draped all over Randy Moss on Monday night.
Chester Taylor: Even if A-Pete goes, Taylor is likely to see enough carries to merit a start.
LJ Smith: Another one of those tight end feelings I can’t get enough of.

…Last Week… Steve Smith: On the short list of this year’s biggest fantasy disappointments. Donovan McNabb: Now, he has a QB controversy with some actual legs. Laurence Maroney: Despite the TD, his preseason expectations were complete lunacy when you look back.

…This Week…
Willis McGahee: Don’t depend on this Raven in primetime on MNF.
NY Jets D: Despite playing the Fins with ??? at RB, never start this “defense”.
Shaun Alexander: Even if he suits up, he’s bound to split carries (at best) with Mo Morris.

Until next time…