Sunday, November 18, 2007

5 Questions Going Into Week 11

1) With a target date, according to ESPN, of Dec. 2nd for his first playing time, will rookie Raider QB JaMarcus Russell see time this weekend against starting QB Daunte Culpepper’s former team, the Minnesota Vikings?

2) Which Donovan McNabb, and more importantly which Andy Reid, will show up at homethis weekend when winless Miami comes into town?

3) Will Redskins defensive coordinator Greg Williams send a bevy of blitzes against fleet-footed QB Tony Romo…or…will he remain in a pocket coverage scheme due to the absence of hard-hitting safety Sean Taylor?

4) After being activated for the first time this season, will Packers WR Koren Robinson see any meaningful playing time?

5) Which overachieving North team, Cleveland or Detroit, is more likely to slip up after a tough Week 10 loss?

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