Friday, November 02, 2007

Clement's Weekly Picks and Prognostications...Week 9

Apparently, the Dolphins and Rams are the only people who can’t win. After a rather strong start (12-7-1 NFL, 7-3 NCAA), I decided to mess things up and proceed with the following:

A) Pick against the Patriots, even if it's only the spread, in any light of day.
B) Go against Brett Favre in primetime.

C) Go against
Oregon in Eugene for the second time in one season.
D) Pick against Dennis Erickson in his first-year at a new Pac-10 school.

What was the end result? 0-5. Ouch.

As for this week, it’s time for me to rebound and perhaps pull off one of those undefeated weeks we all dream about.

Let’s roll…

NFL Picks: [12-9-1]
Jacksonville @ New Orleans [-3.5]

Credit: Yahoo! Sports

Just when it seemed the Jags may hit a snag, Quinn Gray stepped in as QB and managed the Jags to an impressive road victory against Tampa Bay. Meanwhile, the Saints (yes, they earned the “S” back) have won 3 in a row and are clawing their way back into NFC playoff contention. While the Jags have a shutdown corner (Rasheen Mathis), the Saints are going to continue their winning ways with an impressive victory over an AFC playoff-caliber squad.

New England @ Indianapolis [+5.5]

Credit: Yahoo! Sports

The game of the week is given national attention in the 4:15 CBS spot. This game is likely to break ratings records, but may end up being a snoozer. Often, games of such a magnitude are. Whether Marvin Harrison is healthy may not be the key. Instead, it will be up the Colts defense, primarily the pass-rushing tandem of Dwight Freeney and Robert Mathis, to put pressure early and often on “Touchdown” Tom Brady. While the Colts are the defending champs and at home, you’d be a sucker not to give Belicheat and Brady the benefit of the doubt this weekend.

Dallas @ Philadelphia [+3]

Credit: Yahoo! Sports

Coming off of a bye week and a fat new contract, Tony Romo and the Cowboys are tied for the best record in the NFC. However, it’s not the Pack that should have them worried, it’s the Giants (and the rest of their division). With the first of three straight NFC games beginning in primetime this Sunday, look for Dallas to put up enough plays, even with a shakier-than-ever secondary, to prevent the Eagles from earning their first back-to-back wins on the season.

NCAA Picks [7-5]
#4. Oregon @ #6. Arizona State [+6.5]

Credit: Yahoo! Sports

Perhaps the hottest team in the country, Oregon has a better chance of leapfrogging an undefeated Boston College than it may have of keeping away 1-loss Oklahoma or especially LSU. However, the task at hand is traveling to Tempe to take on the still undefeated Sun Devils. While both teams bit me last week, look for the Quack Attack to win by a touch and cover this surprisingly large spread.

3 Must Starts and Must Sits
…Last Week…
Lee Evans: What do you know? An 85-yard touchdown and a season-long slump may be over. Thanks Jets!
Amani Toomer: The “London Bowl” stunk.

Reggie Brown: I expected more. So much more.

…This Week... [Wideout Weekend]
Santana Moss: What did I tell you about slumping wideouts who line up against the Jets?
Devrey Henderson: I’m feeling a breakout this weekend.
Ike Hillard: Michael Clayton is a lost cause now in Tampa. Meanwhile, he’ll be freed up as Galloway demands instant attention.

…Last Week…
Chris Chambers: Well, hello Mr. Touchdown in our debut.

Benjamin Watson: Turns out he didn’t play. No credit here.
Devin Hester: An easy lesson.

…This Week…[Wideout Weekend]
Dwayne Bowe: Not the week to start when he’s opposite Al Harris & Charles Woodson.
Calvin Johnson: With his status up in the air, even until kickoff…it’s not worth the risk. I need to see a breakout week before I consider him a weekly play, even if healthy.
Brandon Marshall: Nowhere near the #1 receiver in fantasy he appears to be on Denver.

At least my fantasy outing wasn’t 0-5 worthy.

Until next time…

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