Thursday, October 18, 2007

Clement's Weekly Picks and Prognotications...Week 7

Another week has gone and passed, and those of us staring up from the NFL Standings basement can’t be thrilled. As dark as the day may seem, at least there can be some measure of optimism in thoughts of next year.

As for fantasy football …

If somebody told you that you reached for Tom Brady, they can zip it.

If somebody laughed when you took Ronnie Brown, they can zip it.

If somebody joked about not taking Randy Moss ever again, they can zip it.

If someone complimented you on reaching for the Chicago D, they can zip it.
If someone thought Laurence Maroney would rush for 15 TDs this season, they can zip it.

If someone thought you should take Steven Jackson or LJ before LT, they can zip it.

And on and on.

As for my NFL picks, last week was as good as it gets. Two wins and a push.

(Let's not forget a 1-0 showing in college ball.)

NFL Picks
: [10-6-1]

Chicago @ Philadelphia [-5]

Credit: Yahoo! Sports

I don’t think anyone could say this any clearer to Andy Reid and the entire Eagle coaching staff, “Don’t kick to Devin Hester once. Not even ONCE.” Don’t be a man, don’t let your players make tackles, and don’t be the next victim to the NFL’s most dynamic return man EVER. Because Andy Reid values his job and the chance to see .500, take Philly to cruise at home against a crumbling Bears defense.

Kansas City @ Oakland [-3.5]

Credit: Yahoo! Sports

This spread will shrink by the day, so be prepared to make your bet immediately or at the last second accordingly. Regardless of when you throw down your cash, remember that Oakland is still growing and Kansas City is not ready to fade away yet. While the win/loss decision is up in the air, dance at the chance to take KC to cover in conference, even on the road, with such a friendly number.

Indianapolis @ Jacksonville [+3.5]

Credit: Yahoo! Sports

If this primetime matchup were in Indy, it’d be easier to take the Colts to roll. However, the Jags play sensational in the Florida heat at night and are easily the best team you don’t know about in the AFC. While that’s all and good in its own right, the Colts are one of the two best teams you do know about in the AFC. With Addai, Sanders, and Harrison healthy, look for the Colts to win by a touchdown or more and proclaim AFC South superiority.

NCAA Picks: [6-3]

#19. Auburn @ #5. LSU [-10.5]

Credit: Yahoo! Sports

Auburn won’t be slept on by the Tigers, still banged up from the heartbreaking OT loss at Kentucky. While Auburn isn’t likely to nip the Tigers in the Bayou as they did to the Gators in the Swamp, I find it hard to not envision the Tigers busting this spread.

3 Must Starts and Must Sits

…Last Week…

Larry Johnson: Okay, I’ll stop talking about him. Although the truth is, he should’ve had 3 TDs. It was his own fault he only had 1.

Joey Harrington: Okay, I won’t mention him anymore either.
LenDale White: The fumble hurts the TD, but he did okay in the end. But that fumble has to chip away at playing time down the road.

…This Week… Cedric Benson: Nothing like the Philly rush defense to open up lanes for Thomas Jones to rush for 130 yards. Benson hasn’t been anything special, but he’s a must-start this week.
Tennessee Defense: Matt Schaub will be okay, but Houston is about to enjoy some tough living in the next few weeks. The Titans D rallied around an injured Kerry Collins until the last drive on Sunday. They’ll redeem themselves with a near shutout this weekend.

Marc Bulger: He’s healthier than he was a few weeks ago and the Rams (0-6) have nothing to lose, except another game of course.. While the chips are down, so is the Seattle secondary. Start Bulger and hold your breath.

…Last Week…
Brian Griese: He wasn’t putrid but he wasn’t great either.

Ike Hilliard: I suppose the yardage was enough for a risky #3 play.

Thomas Jones: If only he had a TD…imagine the day. I was wrong, yet the Jets lose. How does that work?

…This Week…

Lee Evans: Until he produces, don’t pick the Baltimore game to be the week he re-emerges.

Fred Taylor: Jones-Drew is going to become the man again in Jacksonville. Even after helping the Jags run all over Indy last year, avoid the temptation.
Brandon Jacobs: Even with the 49ers freefalling, that backfield rotation is a headache. Seek other options immediately.

Until next time…

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