Sunday, October 21, 2007

5 NFL Questions Going Into Week 7

Week 7 is upon us and the quarterbacks are falling, be it to injury, incompetence or impatience. In Atlanta, Joey Harrington has made way for Byron Leftwich, which is the perfect lead-in to the questions.
  1. Without both tackles, how many times will Leftwich be sacked against the Saints?
  2. The Saints returned to 2006 form on Sunday night. Can the Saints double their pleasure against Leftwich's Falcons en route to a NFC South title?
  3. Which team coming off of a bye week will have the best performance (Detroit, Indianapolis, Buffalo, San Fran, Pittsburgh, Denver)?
  4. How many defensive scores will be had across Week 7 action?
  5. Is Shaun Alexander done? (I know. It's premature.)

1 comment:

Chris Clement said...

Did Denver have an official bye?

Or are we counting that 41-whatever beatdown, from the Norv Turner-led Chargers, a bye week?

Or am I just confusing stuff?