Thursday, September 20, 2007

Expanding Horizons, Thinning Rosters

More news coming to you via the quick hitters. In short, we’ve got perfectly content black quarterbacks who may be naïve, unhappy studs due to conservative playcalling, injuries and suspensions causing a fuss and a major shock in London.

Vince Young and Jason Campbell have shared their thoughts in disagreeing with Donovan McNabb’s assessment on the treatment of black quarterbacks. Jeffrey Chadiha of ESPN’s First Take hit the nail on the head by arguing that neither quarterback has started a full season and that their feelings may change once they are in the NFL for 9-10 years.

Vernon Davis and Larry Fitzgerald have joined the All Un-Happy Pappy team. Both feel that their roles in their current offenses have been marginalized. Davis has 4 receptions and 27 yards in two games and felt he was frequently open on Sunday at St. Louis. As for Fitzgerald, he’s averaged 53.5 yards per game, which is about 20 yards below his average last season. I feel Davis has more of a case and that Fitzgerald should be heartened by the offensive line’s ability to run-block for Edgerrin James, because that ultimately results in wins.

Andre Johnson is expected to be out for five weeks, according to PFT. Everyone can now acquaint themselves with Jacoby Jones, the 3rd round pick out of Lane College. The loss of Johnson is an early test for Matt Schaub, who despite his fair share of plaudits has only started a grand total of four starts.

The 49ers defensive prowess may take a huge hit. Manny Lawson tore his ACL during practice and has been ruled out for the year. It’s a devastating blow for the 49ers, because Lawson is a great fit at the linebacker/rush end position.

Rumors were abound regarding Bengals wide receiver Chris Henry eight-game suspension being cut to four on a good basis of behavior. Those rumors can be placed on hold following this developing story.

Moving to the defensive side in Cincinnati, if the Bengals think that signing Dhani Jones will shore up that leaky defense, then they have another thing coming. I’m being kind when I say leaky. He’ll make a few plays but will struggle in pass coverage against running backs and tight ends.

In HUGE news from across the pond, Jose Mourinho’s contract as manager of Chelsea Football Club has been terminated by mutual consent. Issues between Mourinho and other members of club management (including owner Roman Abramovich) reached a fever pitch during the January transfer window (when teams can buy other clubs’ players) when the manager felt that he was not receiving the necessary funds to overtake Manchester United in the English Premier League.

To put this situation in perspective, imagine Bill Belichick resigning in the middle of the season … and that doesn’t even amount to this.

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