Friday, September 21, 2007

Clement’s Weekly Picks & Prognostications…Week 3

Not my strongest showing last week, but I credit myself for being gutsy enough to think the Colts could outmatch the Titans and the Eagles wouldn’t come out nearly as flat in their home-opener

We’ve learned a few NFL-related things thus far. They include:

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A) The Patriots don’t care if Belicheat did in fact cheat. They love him and are primed to win him a fourth Super Bowl.

B) Many of the 2-0 teams may not see double-digit wins, but they’re far more likely to than some of the surprising 0-2 teams.

C) San Diego under Norv Turner was completely overrated in the pre-season (even though they did open w/ Chicago and New England).

D) Vince Young is a legit MVP candidate. Despite a questionable supporting cast, the Titans will be in almost every game they play.

E) The NFC North is wide open.

F) Nothing too tumultuous from TO or Randy Moss yet; except 3 TDs a piece.

G) Jamal Lewis had more yards on a TD run last week than LT has all season. Interesting, even if only after two weeks.

H) Justin McCarreins should be cut. No questions asked.

As for this weekend, we’re coming fast and furious with picks and prognostications for everyone to enjoy!

NFL Picks: [3-3]
Dallas @ Chicago [-3]

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In primetime, the Bears made a definitive stand against the Giants last season. However, Dallas (2 Sunday Night appearance in 3 weeks) has displayed a top offensive arsenal. The real question becomes: Can Rex Grossman and Bernard Berrian wreak havoc on a relatively poor Cowboys secondary? Maybe a little. Stick with the Boys to bust the spread, who won’t allow Devin Hester to bail out Grossman this weekend.

San Diego [-4.5] @ Green Bay

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If the Chargers fall to 1-2, Norv Turner is in serious trouble of losing the confidence of this team if he hasn’t already. Green Bay’s stud corners are highly underrated these days. Yet, its Antonio Gates that may be the most troubling for the Pack defense. Until Jackson/Wynn show me a little more, I’m taking the Chargers behind LT to bounce back big time and spank the overachieving Pack.

Tennessee @ New Orleans [-4]

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It’s a real treat to see Vince Young finally get the Monday Night treatment. The Saints know that their pre-season expectations are done with now that they are 0-2. While neither team can afford a loss, win or lose, Vince Young’s playmaking ability will keep this game within 3 points.

NCAA Picks: [3-0]
#12 South Carolina @ #2 LSU [-16.5]

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-Make sure you know that this game is at 3:30 pm and not in primetime. That matters when you consider how tough the Bayou Bengals can be at night. Just ask Sean Glennon. Spurrier has his highest ranking as a Gamecock, but reality will set in – big time – when he loses by more than 3 TDs to the nation’s roughest and toughest defense.
As for the fantasy side of things…

3 Must Starts and 3 Must Sits:
…Last Week…
Willis McGahee: He wasn’t a stud, but a TD and nearly 100 yards rushing means he was nowhere near a dud.
Donald Driver: That 4th-quarter TD made everything just fine for his owners.
Maurice Jones-Drew: Yeah, about that…

….This Week…
Larry Johnson: He may have another tough matchup against a staunch Vikes rush D, but learn this lesson: NEVER SIT LJ WHEN HE’S HEALHY. NEVER!
Chad Pennington: If he goes, start him. Ditto if it’s Clemens. The Fins D looks downright abysmal at times.
Santana Moss: If Campbell hadn’t grossly overthrown him late in the game, Moss would’ve had a fantastic primetime performance. Next up: The Giants. Get ready for a feast of points!

…Last Week…
Antwaan Randel-El: He almost had a spectacular TD for his owners. Almost.
Jerricho Cotchery: Who else knew the Jets would look so good in the 4th quarter? Whoops.
Laurence Maroney: All those TDs for the Pats and still a quiet night for their #1 back. I knew Brady would bamboozle the highly overrated Charger “secondary”.

…This Week…
Phillip Rivers: If you have another option at QB, try it out. Rivers looked poor in his mechanics and in his confidence. Screaming and throwing stuff on the sidelines never is a good sign.
Byron Leftwich: Don’t do it. Even if you think Harrington will get the axe at halftime. Just don’t.
Kevin Curtis: No Eagle wideout deserves to be started anytime soon. None of them. Well…maybe Harold Carmichael.

If I said anymore, you’d walk right out of the theater.

Until next time…


summy said...

This is by far my favorite column of the week (though other readers should be excited for the weekly Tuesday FourCast as well :-) ).

This week I'm on board w/ all your picks but the Monday Nighter, Clement. This is my "last chance for the 'Aints" game. If they play Deuce enough, they win. But solid analysis per usual.

In terms of the sit 'ems, I'm surprised you put down Kevin Curtis over Reggie Brown. Also, a bit surprised since they're playing the Lions. Personally, I'd be tempted to offer Braylon Edwards as the sit 'em WR of the week. Sure, he had a great week against the Bengals "secondary" but this week's opponent, Oakland, has much better pass coverage. Edwards' owners should be cautious after last week's fantasy eruption.

Paymon said...

Edwards will be covered by Asamougha, who's a stud. He held Roy Williams to 20 yards and was awesome last season.

The key, however, I think is Oakland's pass rush. Sackmaster Derrick Burgess is questionable for tomorrow's game and that may be a bonus for the passing game.

Chris Clement said...

Great points from both of you.

As for the Saints game, I still took the Saints to win, but not with the points. I'm also targeting the under, not the over.

But Vince is plenty for me to believe that the Titans should keep it close.

Thanks for the props as well, my friend.