Friday, September 07, 2007

Clement’s Weekly Predictions and Prognostications…

So it appears as if we are ready to embark on yet another NFL season. I could spread out the vernacular, hyperbole, and use of alliteration until I go blue in the face., but the title of this column isn’t preaching that. Instead, you’re looking for cold, hard predictions. And my friends, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

Each and every Friday, you can expect a few things from me:

1) 3 NFL picks for the upcoming weekend. I promise no gimmies. Real-deal matchups only.
1 College Football pick for the upcoming weekend. With no offense to Appalachian State, we’re not searching for miracle upsets either. On showdown weekends, we may have a second college football pick.
3 Must Starts and 3 Must Sits for the upcoming NFL fantasy football weekend. These won’t be your typical ESPN brainbusters, “Start the Chicago Defense, Larry Johnson, Torry Holt, and try and pick up Travis Henry off of waivers if you can!” This will be legit sleepers and busts for each and every weekend.
4 Statements to love or loathe for the upcoming weekend. Straight from the horse’s mouth. [They’ll follow each NFL/NCAA prediction.]

Let’s get this puppy started. [Has that been said since the late 80s? Or ever?]

Week 1 NFL Picks: [Record: 0-0]

Carolina at St. Louis [Pick’em]

Credit: Yahoo! Sports

-Steve Smith will start this season just as his fantasy owners expect him to; with over 150 yards and at least one touchdown against a more than suspect Rams secondary. Exploit the odds and push the Panthers for the W.

Sunday Night Football
NY Giants at Dallas [-5.5]

Credit: Yahoo! Sports

-The NFL may have already figured out Tony Romo; however, Sam Madison won’t be able to figure out TO. Dallas covering is as close to a primetime lock as you’re likely to see this season.

Monday Night Football
Baltimore at Cincinnati [-3]

Credit: Yahoo! Sports

-The early love for the Bengals will be squashed, at least during Week 1, as “Ground” McNair realizes McGahee gets to his hand-off twice as quick as Jamal Lewis ever could. Take the road dogs and count your early-season cash.

Week 2 NCAA Pick: [Record: 0-0]
#9 Virginia Teach at #2 LSU [-12]

Credit: Yahoo! Sports

-It isn’t fair to judge Tech’s opening game due to the tremendous outpouring of emotion that has been engulfing the team as of late. However, the humidity brought on by the LSU defense, not to mention the Bayou itself, will be far too much for the Hokies to contain. Tech QB Sean Glennon, not LSU's Matt Flynn, will be knocked out by the D or benched by the end of the 3rd quarter. LSU chomps and romps.

3 Must Starts & 3 Must Sits:
1) The Jacksonville Defense – Vince Young is a ton of fun to watch. However, he is lacking a running game or a solid receiving corps. Match that with an opportunistic Jags defense and you have yourself a defense you might just be able to scoop up before your opponent reads this article. Start them with confidence.

2) Brian Westbrook – While McNabb may be getting all the Week 1 fantasy pub, don’t sleep on what Westbrook, and opposing running games, can do to the Pack attack rush defense. With lockdown corners Al Harris and Charles Woodson healthy, don’t be surprised if Westbrook is called on, via the run and pass, throughout the entire game. Don’t even flinch by depending on him to carry your team this weekend.

3) Darrell Jackson – Before injuries beset him, DJax was a top 5 wideout before the end of Week 5. With Antrel Rolle hardly resembling the elite shutdown corner the Cards once envisioned, look for Alex Smith’s favorite new wideout to see the endzone once or twice on Monday night. Enjoy him early and often. Then, deal him before Week 3 is over.

1) Lee Evans – As hot and cold as a fantasy star can be, don’t expect too many fireworks as he opens up with the nasty duo of Champ Bailey and ‘Dre Bly. While he may chase 200 yards and multiple TDs on some weeks, don’t view him as more than a shot-in-the-dark #3 wideout.

2) Ronnie Brown­ – While I am not as quick as some staff writers to call him a disappointment, the Skins defense looked awfully good in the pre-season. Also, Brown has a knack for not combining TDs and 100 yards performances. Likely a high pick in your draft, don’t expect this week to be the week he busts out 125 and 2 TDs.

3) Joe Horn – Do yourself a big favor and don't be "that guy" who is silently counting on the newest wideout acquisition in Hotlanta, former Saint Joe “Cell Phone” Horn to put up any type of numbers on Sunday. While Vikings CB Antoine Winfield has fallen back to Earth in recent seasons (I wonder if Nate Clements might do the same following his exodus from Buffalo), the Vikings defense should target Joey “Heisman” Harrington early and often on Sunday inside the dome. Do yourself a favor and take a risk on another team’s #2 or #3 before you attempt to start Atlanta’s newest WR.

And there you have it. The best of the best. Or, is it the rest? Either way, we’ll see who’s laughing … and who’s crying next week.

Until next time…


summy said...

I'm with you on all the picks except for the Rams/Panthers. Even though Steve Smith (another must start) will have a beast of a game in the dome, so will Stephen Jackson and Issac Bruce.

And the Jags D is an interesting choice to start ... not sure how I feel about it just yet ...

Chris Clement said...

Surprised you said Jackson and Bruce...but not Holt?

Any reasons why?

Chris Gamble? Ken Lucas? OR perhaps are you going against Holt in any fantasy leagues???

Just wondering...

Paymon said...

Though the Redskins have been reacquainted with tackling the opposition, I still think Ronnie Brown is a decent play. He had 125 and 2TDs like once last year and I think it was against the Bears, go figure.

Lee Evans and JP Losman will hook up once for 65 yards and a TD. That's just how they do.

Anonymous said...

The Packers front 4 is very underrated. If Westbrook is to have a big day, it will be as a receiver.

summy said...

I didn't say Holt b/c I'm not convinced that his knee is healthy enough. Plus, I think that the Panthers might over-focus on him and allow the aging Bruuuuuuce to get some solid grabs.

And Pay, it's not that the Redskins D is great or anything ... it's that Ronnie Brown sucks ass. :-)