Thursday, September 13, 2007

Clement’s Weekly Picks and Prognostications – Week 2…

One week down, sixteen to go. While some of your favorite NFL teams faltered (cough, Jets), others like Tarvaris Jackson and the 1-0 Vikes surprised.

In the fantasy realm, Dallas QB Mr. Carrie Underwood broke open more than a few matchups with a 5-touchdown performance (4 through the air, 1 on the ground) while still enabling fantasy owners of TO (2 TD receptions in the second half) and even Marion Barber III (impressive TD run on a fourth and short) to enjoy their respective days.

That Randy Moss guy (9 receptions, 183 yds, TD) put up impressive numbers in his Patriots debut despite missing nearly the entire pre-season. The same can be said for Plexico Burress and his 3 TD Sunday night performance.

The opening week signified struggle and disappointment for the big three of fantasy football. Despite totaling 2 TDs, LT underachieved with less than 30 yards rushing. LJ was non-existent. Steven was missing the “Action” from his Jackson, matching last year’s lost fumble total of two.

As for last week’s predictions, as one of my idols, Johnny Drama might say, “VICTORY!”

The Panthers game finished exactly as I expected. Ditto for the matchup on Sunday Night. Had Brian Billick arrived in Cincinnati with a gameplan and Steve McNair had two less turnovers, I’d be bringing out the brooms. Unfortunately, he didn’t. Nevertheless, LSU putting the beatdown on Virginia Tech made for a 3-1 final tally in Week 1. The Tigers thrashing allowed us to take the briefest of glimpses at QB Tyrod Taylor, who should be a professional after his junior season in Blacksburg.

Now that Week 1 is spoken for, I figured I’d keep the love coming fast and furiously!

Week 2 NFL Picks: [2-1]
Indianapolis @ Tennessee [-7]


-So Vince Young, you’ve got the Madden curse staring you directly in the face and the Colts at your place in Week 2. Step up with the upset and you can lay claim as the leader of the up-and-coming team in the AFC. Sadly, that’s easier said than done. Despite totally shutting down the Jaguars rushing attack last week, look for the downhill rushing of Addai and the precision downfield aerial assault of Manning to take over midway through the 2nd quarter as the Colts cruise by double digits.

Sunday Night Football
San Diego @ New England [-3.5]

Source: NBCSports

-Both teams took home key victories in Week One. However, the Patriots looked as good as possible doing it. While LT is more than willing to call out the Patriots yet again, the Patriots seem as determined as ever to return to the Super Bowl. Always trust a Bill Belichick team over a Norv Turner team. Always.

Monday Night Football
Washington @ Philadelphia [-6.5]

Source: Yahoo! Sports

-If you think Philly only lost due to a pair of special teams disasters, you completely ignored the dominant performance by the Packers front 7 against the interior of the Eagles offensive line. While Jason Campbell was far from stellar against the Fins, he did walk away 1-0. Neither team looked very good, but remember that the Skins always play the Eagles tough at home. Since it’s a road game, take the Iggles…big.

Week 2 NCAA Picks: [1-0]
#22 Tennessee @ #5 Florida [-8]


-Run the ball and you win in this series. If you are Tennessee, control the game for three quarters and then let the whole dang thing slip away in the closing minutes. Tennessee is too mistake-prone to win in the Swamp, or cover the points, without a more solidified rushing attack.

#1 USC [-10.5] @ #14 Nebraska

Source: GettyImages

-It will be a sheik pick to take Bill Callahan’s Huskers in this game; a sort of program-rebuilding game. Yeah, we’re buying that one. Don’t let any upset talk fool you, Pete Carroll is more than ready to lead his Trojans, who may double or triple this spread, to certain victory.

3 Must Starts and 3 Must Sits;
Last Week
Jacksonville Defense: Neither beautiful nor a disaster, fantasy-wise at least. Push. I should’ve suggested anyone playing against Charlie Frye.
Brian Westbrook:
No TD and an Eagle loss. Unimpressive on all accounts.
Darrell Jackson:
Too bad we couldn’t count that fumble recovery he pounced on in the endzone.

This Week
Willis McGahee:
Without the Jets rush D (or complete lack thereof), McGahee gets $20-million from Baltimore instead of $40. Start him. Unless you don't like 117.5 ypg versus 73 ypg for his career.
Donald Driver:
Don’t even think about sitting him, bum foot or not. The Giants secondary will get torched for the second week in a row.
Maurice Jones-Drew:
It’s going to be a bumpy ride all season. When you see the Atlanta D (especially without Rod Coleman) on your schedule, start your running back with confidence.

Last Week
Lee Evans:
Hater or not, I KNEW IT! Score one for the big guy.
Ronnie Brown:
Not the trickiest of picks. Now as for next week…
Joe Horn:
Nice fill-in pick. Then again, was it too easy?

This Week
Antwaan Randel-El:
He won’t see nearly as many targets as the Skins will pound the ball on Monday night. Don’t buy this guy too heavily.
Jerricho Cotchery:
Lav Coles is a sturdier redzone target; nevertheless, neither Jet wideout will fare as well as Ocho Cinco and Houshmandzadeh did on Monday night (especially since Clemens appears to be in as Pennington is likely out this weekend).
Laurence Maroney:
You gotta start him … or do you? The Chargers rush D will force Tom Brady to beat them with his arm … which he gladly will.

I’d say more, but you’ve had more than enough love this week.

Until next time…


summy said...

Well, you got the better of my disagreement last week :-)

I actually agree with almost absolutely everything you say here. The only pick I have different is the SD/NE game. When making my first and second versions of the season-long projections, I had the Pats winning this game. However, in the last set, I ended up picking the Chargers. Even though Moss seemed at full speed last week, I'm sticking w/ that last assessment that the Chargers will get the early season (and thus not cold weather) win at Foxboro.

But, it's just me guessing :-)

Chris Clement said...

That's how we do! Two easy picks with Florida romping in the Swamp (early Tennessee running woes...who predicted that?) and USC (despite a crazy, frantic 1st quarter fueled by the Husker-faithful).

As for the NFL.