Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Draft-Day Risks: A Recent History

In the process of working on several articles at a time, often you are a little dismayed when someone - usually one of the major websites - tackles it. Especially when they do it concisely, accurately, and especially linked to media [i.e. visuals, videos, etc.]

I have recently begun researching the three largest "draft-day" gambles of the past 10 NFL Drafts. While not exactly precise with my methods, I looked at character-issues (rather than reaches, lofty trades, or your typical Mario Williams over Reggie Bush/Vince Young), CNNSI.com definitely hit the nail over the head. I'd highly recommend checking out this article, and reacting yourself.

All 1o 0f these men were on my initial research list. While here at PHSports we are still building an audience and often don't see several comments, it'd be great to hear the opinions of readers & other writers.

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Anonymous said...

Is Terrell Suggs really a draft day risk? He was a dominant college player whose talent translated into the NFL.

Chris Clement said...

As you may have noticed throughout the visually-based "article", Suggs was brought up on assault charges a very short time before the draft.

Many felt this is why he slipped past the Arizona Cardinals, and potentially other teams, before falling into the lap of the Ravens.

You are definitely correct that Suggs was a monster in college and seemed like he would translate into a real-NFL talent.

An interesting debate I have with Suggs, as of late, is whether he or Bart Scott is more valuable to the Raven-linebacking corps.

I also would briefly like to remind many people that the Colts were seen as "reaching a bit" by many notable draft experts for selecting then Syracuse defensive end Dwight Freeney.

The life of a collegiate passrusher. Perhaps Mike Mamula ruined it for everyone.

Low blow.


Paymon said...

That was so unnecessary. Ok, Blair Thomas.