Thursday, March 22, 2007

Quick Hits before Tourney Talk...

Dropping some quick 4-1-1 information that seemed of relevance to me. It'll be addressed further following the weekend of March Madness. But for are a few of things of note on me mind.

1) LaRussa in a bit of trouble.
-That's right, another DUI story to enjoy. The 62-year old Cards manager was arrested on Thursday night after being found asleep behind the wheel, the car was on and stopped a stop light, and he blew a 0.093 percent on the Breathalyzer. [Florida, like many states has a legal limit of 0.08]. It's random, but just this past weekend there was a major pile up in the Wendy's parking lot for a drunken college student asleep behind the wheel, thankfully, of his parked jeep.] Note to all of you drunken drivers, please have the human decency to stop doing this immediately. PLEASE!

2) Schaub to the Texans
-I'm not exactly sure what's more baffling:
1) Texans finally trading Carr NOW when they could've had Vince or Leinart last year
2) The 6 year, $48-million dollar deal Schaub landed
3) The Texans swapping 1st rounder (8 to 10) and giving up this and next year's 2nd rounders (which are pretty high picks) to the Falcons
4) Schaub's 0-2 record, 6 TDs/6 INTs and more so...Kubiak's love for a relative unknown to this degree.
All I can say is...Houston, we may already have yet another problem.

3) Tubby Smith out in Kentucky, in at University of Minnesota
-Yep, it had to happen eventually. Before he could be fired, Tubby bolted from UK (he'll still get his April bonus) and got good money to try and re-build the Golden Gophers. It's a good move for Tubby, he needed to leave Lexington before it got too ugly. As for who Kentucky will target? Names like Izzo, Creen, Few, Gillespie, Beilein, Romar, Kent, and plenty other have to be dropped. This is a top-5 job in college basketball. Please, let's not start the Pitino rumors too soon.

4) Jason Hart's game-winner
Okay, it's only news to me. But here is the link: it's all I'll say about this moment.

I'll try and drop another ten random thoughts in a week or two. Until then...

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