Saturday, March 24, 2007

Knicks Sign Randolph Morris ... of the University of Kentucky

In a bizarre news announcement, ESPN reported that the Knicks signed Randolph Morris to what sources call a 2-year, $1.6 million deal. This is bizarre because the signing took place five days after Morris' last collegiate game.

In 2005, Morris declared himself eligible for the draft after his freshman campaign at Kentucky but he did not sign with an agent. Surprisingly, Morris went undrafted and sat out the first 14 games of his sophomore season because of an NCAA penalty related to contact with an agent. Having played for his sophomore and junior seasons, many including myself were unaware of the NBA's collective bargaining agreement provision that Morris is prohibited from re-entering the draft and had free agent status throughout the 2006-07 season at Kentucky.

Kentucky is now trying to figure out how the departure of Morris before spring semester's end will affect the school's academic progress report.

Under the new report, schools are subject to scholarship penalties if student-athletes leave early and not in good academic standing. Withdrawing from school before the end of a semester can seriously impede a team's GPA and academic standing. This may also have ramifications for Ohio State and Texas, who have one or more freshmen that may declare for the NBA Draft.

As for Kentucky, the threat of NCAA action and the departure of 16 points, 8 rebounds and 2 blocks per game may widen the pool for a new coach. It may also scare off the lead candidates who lack the sentimental ties to Kentucky basketball. This may open the doors for former Wildcat stalwarts Travis Ford (UMass) and John Pelphrey (South Alabama).

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Chris Clement said...

If this screws over Kentucky, Isiah won't lose a wink of sleep. I wish they signed Randolph Childress. Only then could we beat a team like UNC.