Saturday, September 25, 2010

If Anyone Cared About Baseball Beyond the Yankees and the Saux ...

... someone would raise a stink about Jose Bautista and potential engagement with performance-enhancing drugs.  Tonight, Bautista hit his 52nd HR of the season.  When visiting Baseball Reference, you'll notice that he has surpassed his prior season high by ... 36 home runs. 

In his six prior seasons, Bautista had slugging percentage and OPS highs of .420 and .757, respectively.  Fast forward to this season where those numbers ballooned up to .622 and 1.005 entering tonight's play.

When I see these stats, I can't help but think of former Oriole stalwart Brady Anderson, who hit 26 more dongs (total: 50) and slugged 170 points higher than any other season.

But few care about baseball.  And even fewer care about PED use in sports.

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Brad Slepetz said...

There sure are an abnormally large number of people paying to see something they do not care about.