Tuesday, June 22, 2010

2010 NBA Draft Quick Hits

A few quick tidbits to pass along ...
  • The Nets are now turning their sights to Wes Johnson with the 3rd pick.
  • Al-Farouq Aminu canceled his visit to the Detroit Pistons who hold the 7th pick. This could mean that he has a promise in the top 6. If Wes Johnson goes in the top 4, then this is very possible.
  • While Ryan Richards is rising up draft charts, Hassan Whiteside is sliding down the big board. Richards will not last after pick 33.
  • The Mavs, Cavs, and Nuggets want back in the first round. The Raptors and Wizards want to each add a pick. Possible sellers include the Clippers (8), Pacers (10; seeking a point guard in return), Chicago (17), Miami (18), Boston (19) Atlanta (24), Oklahoma City (multiple), Memphis (multiple) and Orlando (29). The rumored cost of a 1st-round pick is $3M, but that sounds like a conservative estimate.
  • Trade rumor reported by ESPN's Andy Katz: Memphis would acquire the 16th pick from Minnesota for the 25th and 28th. This would give Minnesota 4 first-round picks [that they don't need] and two second-round picks. I'm still trying to understand Michael Kahn's master plan. Clearly, he is no Sam Presti. Kahn's lack of creativity as a general manager is only matched by NBA veterans' non-desire to play in Minnesota. It may be possible that the stockpiling of picks is a precursor to acquiring Evan Turner via trade from Philadelphia, who holds only one pick but has many holes. Could the 4th, 23rd, and 25th/28th be enough to lure the Sixers?
  • Don't be shocked if Portland successfully packages the 22nd and 34th picks and possibly a player for a higher pick in the 1st round. Kevin Pritchard may be on his way out, but I'll be damned if there's a GM who's done more for draft night ratings [and shrewd evaluation of players] than he has.
  • Though Clement had mentioned CP3 trade rumors weeks ago, I'm choosing to ignore trade rumors in the mainstream media.

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