Monday, May 31, 2010

NBA Draft Buzz: Is Evan Turner the clear-cut 2nd pick overall?

In nearly every mock draft I've seen, Evan Turner is the #2 pick overall. And why not? He's one of 2 slam-dunk superstars in this draft (John Wall), and few combo guards can match his size and skill.

This is before you factor in three things.
  1. The 76ers already have Andre Iguodala and Thaddeus Young.
  2. Samuel Dalembert, the only guy who can really play center, is out of contract next summer. Some would even argue this point. Translation: They need a center.
  3. Philadelphia has $65 million committed in salary next season, which is within striking range of the luxury tax.
Barring sign-and-trade possibilities involving the expiring contracts of Dalembert ($12.2M), Jason Kapono ($6.6M), and Willie Green ($4M), the 76ers will not be a key player in free agency, and will need to add height and bulk through the draft.

That's why the 76ers organization needs to be creative, and not just look at drafting the best player and hope for everything to fall into place. As much as Evan Turner should be the clear-cut #2 pick who goes to the 76ers (he could still be the #2 pick overall to another team, of course) based on talent, the organization must put more stock in making a need-based pick.

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