Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Midnight Revelations: The Return

While watching an entertaining Oklahoma City/Los Angeles opener.
Yeah, the NBA (aka the Free Throw Association) still absolutely sucks. HARD.

1) With all due apologies to the 90% legit fans of the two teams, whose bandwagon is full of more absolute posers: Red Sox Nation or Kobe-era Laker fans???

2) Charles Barkley is good for one memorable quote...a minute.
"The rest of the NBA better get their wins against Oklahoma City and Chicago now. Because in a few years, they're gonna be REAL good. Better beat that butt (he used a different word, mind you) now, before you can't in a few years."

Call me a homer (go ahead, you wanna), but this guy can be very good...sooner than later.

3) Eric Maynor is fully capable of being a starting point in the NBA. Russell Westbrook may be a potential rising phenom, but I see Maynor (who Utah idiotically gave up in a far-too-lazy-cap relief move) successfully starting for a team in less than 3 years (i.e. his next contract)...against the likes of Westbrook and the Thunder.

How do you say "boo hoo" in Spanish? Anyone? Anyone?

4) Pau Gasol's mannerisms make me want to die. Why pretend to act like you're tough, Pau? Why act like you're too physical (by pounding your chest down the court) for your opponent, when you're clearly not, Pau? We saw what KG did to you in 2008. That tape will never lie. You're incredibly skilled, Pau. And a Spanish fugazi on the court. Only in your facial expressions, of course.

5) They need to end people being rewarded a timeout while rolling around on the floor with the ball in a crowd. Isn't that traveling? The NBA did well to end the Rodman-rule (diving out of bands and calling a timeout). Time to end this nonsense.

Jeff Green needs to get rid of the shakes too when he's 1-on-1.

Oklahoma City just needs a solid big and some time to develop. And to stay healthy, of course. But they're getting swept this series. Oh well.

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