Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Who is this year's Fab to speak???

Quick! Can YOU name the Fab Five?
You know, the Fab Five of Michigan basketball (
circa 1992-1993).

Can you name all 5 of us? Most can't.
Credit: Sneakernews

It's a tougher trivia question than you think...
...but don't worry. I'll talk you through it.

Let's have a little background first though. Google Search...STAT!

In many ways, the Michigan basketball recruiting class known as the Fab Five will be forever young. Black socks pulled high, baggy shorts sagging low and cocksure looks on their baby faces, the most heralded freshman class in college basketball history stormed onto the American stage in 1992 by becoming the first all-freshman starting five to reach the Final Four. (Courtesy:

Let's start off easy. Go with the obvious first. The top dog. #1. Chris Webber.

Of course we're talking about THIS guy. Sorry, Michigan fan.

I know, I know. Cheap shot (picture). Truth be told though, I loved that team. Another truth, they were sophomores that season. They were also better for college basketball than you might think in retrospect. Banners being taken down withstanding. (And yes I hear you, UNC fan. He traveled well before the errant timeout was called, too. BIG TIME. It wasn't even close.) Nevertheless, let's continue.

Remember the #2 on the team? This guy? The guy the Bullets basically bankrupted their franchise for? Juwan Howard.

#3 isn't far behind. In fact, you could easily make the argument that he was their #2. Either way, he's actually not a bad in-studio analyst for ESPN these days. Jalen Rose.

#4 and #5 are a little tougher. In fact, they're ridiculously tough.
One of them got drafted - by Toronto (remember THESE uniforms!?!?) - and somehow remember #4!!! Jimmy King.

I will CROWN you! Oh wait, wrong Jimmy King.

You're 1 away from to speak.

But who on Earth is #5? This is where you WIN or LOSE the lady's heart (aka trivia contest for sporting uber-nerds). But you invariably forget and curse yourself for another second place finish. If only you remembered...Ray Jackson. He's #5.

While we don't have a Fab 5 this tournament (nor are we likely to EVER see one the machinations of John Calipari), there are 5 players in this tournament you just GOTTA matter how brief their stay may be.

Talk about your lengthy introduction...

I'll be back tomorrow with five players - at least 1 from each region - that you better be up-to-date with. Enjoy the waiting game...

Until then, I'll ease the torturous suspense with a memorable clip.
And NO, it won't be of C Web traveling or timeoutting when he didn't have any left.
Even I'm not that cruel...or am I???

God bless the YouTube gods. And ellipses.

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