Sunday, March 28, 2010

Week in Review: Bummer City

Second straight busy week at PHSports.

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Picture of the Week: It still leaves a sick feeling in my stomach...

1) Urban Meyer is a tool. Yeah, we already knew that. But Gator fan has a much tougher task defending his blatantly ridiculous actions this week. For a summary: check it. For my opinion, see the first sentence in this post. Tool.

2) Women's basketball remains boring. No matter how much ESPN wants us to care, women's college basketball is unwatchable and UCONN's streak is as meaningless as any of its kind in recent memory. Don't try and be PC, either. Admit it.

3) Butler and West Virginia advanced to the Final Four on Saturday. Who told you to worry about Kentucky? Oh yeah, ME!!!
A) Nobody could stabilize them on the court as West Virginia dominated the second half with back cuts and a non-scoring point guard SCORING at will. Not to mention them missing countless 3s against WVU in a 73-66 loss Saturday night.
B) John Wall didn't shoot free throws well at all (4-8), ala Derrick Rose in 2008. Yeah, I went there.
C) Patrick Patterson has NO business shooting 3s. Not even 1. So to prove me wrong...he shot 4. And missed all 4. Well predicted, me.

4) Michigan State/Tennessee and Duke/Baylor today for the two remaining Final Four slots. Who told you not to doubt Izzo (going for 6 Final Fours in 12 years)? Oh yeah, ME!!! Who won't have even 1 Final Four team correct from his "Sheet of Integrity"? Oh yeah, ME!!!

5) Go Baylor. Duh.

Video of the Week: Can somebody PLEASE tell Optimus Prime to shutup so I can hear Meyer pretend he's a bad@ss???

Credit: [UFSoftballFan]

I only hope Meyer doesn't threaten to ban PHSports from Gator practices now...

Time to pretend I'm still not bumming...over a game.

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Paymon said...

I'm not gonna lie. You were all over the Izzo factor.

Anyone who made bracket decisions based on statistical output did not have MSU getting past Maryland.

Go Baylor!