Saturday, March 20, 2010

NCAA Tournament Running Commentary: Saturday Night Edition

Note: STONES! Want a fresh take on Kansas falling to the MVC's Northern Iowa? Avoid Subway. Check out analysis from ME right here.

If you're looking for analysis on the earlier matchups of the day, c-c-check it out.

East Region
#1 Kentucky vs #9 Wake Forest

UK's most notable fan, Ashley Judd, has to be enjoying this thorough bludgeoning of the Deamon Deacons.
Credit: Yahoo! Sports

Halftime score = Kentucky leads 44-28

Running commentary following the under-16 timeout...

-Al-Farouq Aminu commits his 3rd foul with 11:19 to go in the 1st half. Jay Bilas was wise to alert people to keep that time in mind. This is the same guy who went for 20 and 15 against Texas.
-DeMarcus Cousins is going to make a mistake. Question is, how big of one? Wake is trying to rattle him with hard fouls, moving screens, and elbows in the gut. Cousins is about to unleash an elbow or commit a rough foul. How will the refs react?
-Ish Smith blows a wide-open dunk. Didn't I mention earlier how he CAN'T miss easy shots tonight?
-I watch John Wall miss free throws and think Derrick Rose in 2008. Am I alone?
-Why is Calipari letting Patrick Patterson take 3-pointers? It's an idiotic option on such a loaded offensive group. If he starts shooting 4+ of those a game in the later rounds, Kentucky will lose at some point.
-Wake, down 29-24 with 5+ to go, needs to keep this under 7 or 8 with Aminu out, if possible.
-Keutucky's role players - two former starters now riding the pine - are the difference in this game thus far.
-Kentucky owns this arena. The fans are ballistic. Wake can't let this deficit stretch into double-digits.
-Put Wake to bed. They are a classic underachiever and Kentucky - unlike Texas - won't hand this one away. Kentucky may not see a true neutral court until Indianapolis.
-No need to say anything more, Wake is making me sleepy.

West Region
#2 Kansas State vs #10 BYU

Clemente's ability to get to the hoop, at lightning-fast speed, needs to be more of a constant in the 2nd half.
Credit: Yahoo! Sports

Halftime score = Kansas State leads 41-31

Running commentary, from the 2nd option game of the primetime lineup...

-BYU starts of 10-0. Hitting open shots is what the Cougars do.
-BYU doesn't rebound. You want to know a good way to catch up if you're Kansas State? 2nd and 3rd opportunities on offense and limiting good-shooting teams to 1-contested shot. Although KSU has missed some gimmes.
-Pullen took a nasty spill. The Cougar guard nipped his heel while reaching for the ball. That was a missed call that was completely unacceptable.
-Denis Clemente is fast as lightning, but he doesn't take it to the hoop and draw fouls enough.
-Greg Gumbel shouldn't call Jimmer Fredette, Jimmy. Then again, the name Jimmer is stupid. Yeah, I said it.
-Remember that BYU is one-win away from a regional semi-final in Salt Lake City. Gotta love that juicy location (ala Baylor in Houston).
-Still waiting for Domonique Sutton to establish a presence for a spurt or two.
-Kansas State caught up by rebounding the ball, pushing it up court and attacking the hoop, and by pushing Jimmer Fredette, whenever he touches the ball, to pass the ball.
-I love seeing the BYU (male) cheerleaders calling for traveling call. He may have gotten one right actually...
-Fredette has gone 13 minutes without a field goal. They are working him every inch he handles the ball. Frank Martin deserves a lot of credit for that defensive switch in strategy.
-BYU shouldn't try to run and gun with the Wildcats. Pullen is the most NBA-ready player on the court. It shows.
-CBS may be overworking Pullen's "hip-injury"? Then again, I can't blame them.
-19-4 run by Kansas State has them up 1:47. BYU isn't setting screens properly and can't break the press. THIS is why Kansas State was such a popular Final Four selection. Good thing they don't have to play Kansas a fourth time.
-BYU has 3 players with 3 fouls. All inside guys. The size and strength of Kansas State can't be understated right now.
-BYU has gone from up 10-0 to down 41-31. Wow.
-BYU has 3.2 seconds to take back some juju. Awful D from Kansas State leads to a near tip-in. Missed it by 0.1. Great effort though.

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