Sunday, February 21, 2010

CBB Quick Hits

A few quick hits / notes:

  • When you watch CBS during the NCAA Tournament, you'll see promos for a "tradition unlike any other". I really hate those commercials, and the Viagra and Cialis commercials that play en masse over the course of that "tradition unlike any other".
  • Purdue made a huge statement for a #1 seed in our next bracket. Though, I still stand by my assertion that Robbie Hummel (after Kyle Singler) is the 2nd-most overrated player in college basketball. I am sick of hearing from the talking heads that these guys "play the game the right way". I'll stop short of calling it racist, but it's certainly arrogant.
  • I'm late to the party on this, but Utah State is a fine basketball team. They haven't lost since January 4. They're 11th in adjusted offensive efficiency, and in watching portions of their last two games, they really spread the ball around well.
  • After blowing a double-digit lead against Virginia Tech, Wake Mistake Forest played a stinker of a game against NC State. Word from Raleigh is that the Demon Deacons built a house faster than Habitat for Humanity. Good for them.
  • This was a pretty great two weeks for our at-large bubble teams. Louisville won at the Cuse, and is now 9-5 in conference. UConn, who nearly no one left in their bracket, went on the road and defeated Villanova. UTEP kicked ass and took names in Conference USA. Minnesota, who still has a long way to go, defeated Wisconsin with John Leuer. Mississippi State may have defeated Kentucky, had the Wildcats not brought their officials to the last 4 minutes of regulation and all of overtime (gotta love those John Wall gang signs). The tomfoolery offered up by their fans at the end of the game was embarrassing, and if it came down to them and another team for the 34th at-large position, I could see the the NCAA not extending an invite to the big dance. As for Ole Miss, they lost two must-win games, and are NIT-bound unless they win games that they are not supposed to.


Clement said...

"They play the game the right way". How many times have we heard that, specifically with Dookies?

Here is a funny (or "funny") e-mail from a co-worker of mine. We were discussing our faculty-laden dodgeball team.

That's right. Teachers kicking ass at dodgeball.

Suck it.


There really is no question as to who is the worst player on this
team... I'm actually working on descriptions of my ability and am
basically just using terms that sportscasters use to describe the
goofy, unathletic, white dudes like David Eckstein and everyone
that's ever played for Duke.

Here's the List:
Gym Rat
Good locker room guy
Big Motor
A joy to coach
Fundamentally sound

It works well without your context, I think.

Paymon said...

Your co-worker's e-mail is priceless.

Here's some numerical data to support my Singler assertion, which is buoyed with many observations of ill-advised shots and is a decent defender when he does not flop.

* This is the first season in which his AST/TO ratio is better than 1.0 (1.21)

* Points per shot is 1.2, a career low

* 40.4% FG (never shot above 45.7%). If you're 6'8" and 230, shoot at least 46.0% from the field. Child, please.

Bob Knight is about to join the ranks of the muted (along with Mike Patrick as well as Jay Bilas during Duke games).