Monday, February 01, 2010

BracketBuster Breakdown

Earlier this evening, the ESPNU BracketBusters were announced. Call me biased, but 5 of the 11 televised matchups include teams from the Colonial Athletic Association.

Top Matchup:
Siena @ Butler

Who has the most to gain?
Siena followed closely by Old Dominion

What will the CAA need to do in televised matchups to stake a claim at a 2nd bid?
Win 4 of 5 including Old Dominion @ Northern Iowa

What will the MVC need to do in televised matchups to get a 2nd bid?
Winning 2 of 3 televised matchups and 8 of 10 overall

How many BracketBuster participants will make the tournament? How many tournament games will the competition's participants win this year?
If a reprise of 2006 or something familiar does not occur, then this competition will continue to lack luster. We think Butler and Northern Iowa have a great chance to win a game, and we anticipate two more will. Sadly, this will be more like 2009 (3 wins) rather than 2006 (12 wins; 1 Final Four team, 3 Sweet Sixteen teams).

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