Monday, May 25, 2009

InClement Weather: NBA-related banter

1) Mark Jackson, ESPN "analyst", is by far for the worst sports commentator on television today. He makes Kornheiser sound like Howard Cosell, Magic as sarcastic as Steve "Snapper" Jones, and Emmitt Smith...well, nothing helps that cause. Sorry Emmitt.

...Quote from Saturday night's game from Mark Jackson...
"When Pau Gasol is on his A-game, there isn't a defender in the NBA that can stop him."
Ummm, yes there is Mark. His name is Kevin Garnett. See NBA Finals 2008.
Credit: Yahoo! Sports

2) LeBron's game-winner against Orlando will remain a definning moment in his career, regardless of how the Cavaliers fare the remainder of the playoffs. How do I know? Chicago didn't win the 1989 NBA Championship after Jordan hit his shot over Ehlo (Bulls WIN!).

3) Carmelo Anthony is very very very lucky to have Chauncey Billups talking him through the majority of this season, especially the playoffs. He hasn't been so fortunate since Jim Boeheim rode him, as a freshman, to an NCAA Championship in 2003.

4) JR Smith clearly has the ability to become a major star in this league. The problem is: does he have the maturity and shot selection necessary of a #1 or #2, not just a #3 off the bench? I'm not so sure...

5) I'd take Rashard Lewis or Hedo Turkoglu over Mo Williams if I was LeBron. I'm just sayin'.

6) This WWE/Denver debacle is irrelevant. In the end, the "evil" Mr. McMahon is right. Why? You don't schedule an event when there is the smallest possibility of your team playing for a championship still, even if it was planned over a year in advance and your team hasn't reached a Conference Finals in 24-year. You just don't.

7) David Stern is sweating HEAVILY over no Kobe/LeBron Finals. I refuse to call Kobe the "Black Mamba" either. His name is lethal enough. As for Mr. Stern and the "accusations" that may soon arise, I won''t put anything past anyone either. THIS still hasn't been explained properly enough, for me.

8) How fortunate would Cleveland feel to be tied 2-2, assuming they pull off a "mini-upset" in Orlando on Tuesday night? Probably win-the-series-in-6 fortunate.

9) Watching Kenyon Martin bully Pau Gasol only proves facts we all should know.
A) Kenyon Martin is a petty thug. Very very very very very very petty.
B) Pau Gasol is uber-talented and uber-soft.

10) Predicting these NBA Playoffs is like predicting Mike Tyson's next career move.
Cue the video...

Happy Memorial Day. I forgot to mention that.


Clement said...

If I had an 11th comment, and maybe I do now, it'd be that Dahntay Jones should and will be suspended for a game for his blatant trip on Kobe.

Paymon said...

On comment #5, Rashard Lewis is a max-salary guy. He had better be an upgrade over Mo "What was the playoffs before this season?" Williams.

I didn't pay to watch Game 4, but I want my money back. It's startling to see how bad everyone not named Kobe/Pau are playing.

Agreed on Dahntay Jones. I wonder if Coach K will call him (college coach) and Kobe (olympic coach) individually.

Lastly, it's really hard to compare ESPN's coverage to TNT's ... so I'm not.

DDH said...

On point 2: the main significance of the Jordan shot wasn't just that it was a rhythmic execution of jump shooting perfection, but because it was the series-winning bucket on the road, and just seconds before, Cleveland's Ehlo made an amazing clutch layup with 3 seconds left to put the Cavs ahead, which proceeded a clutch shot by Jordan with 6 seconds left.
Lebron shot was good, but for now, eternally meaningless. I love how all these ESPN twits are trying so hard to sell the king's greatness.