Wednesday, March 25, 2009

UConn Reportedly Violated NCAA Rules, PHSports Not Surprised

In a report from Yahoo! Sports (and later followed up by ESPN) that is expected to make waves on a day involves no NCAA tournament games, there are allegations that UConn violated NCAA recruiting rules in pursuit of former guard Nate Miles. The allegations are as follows:

  • One of UConn's assistants knew about the relationship between Nate Miles and Josh Nochimson, a former student manager turned sports agent, as early as fall 2006.
  • Phone records show UConn coaches may have exceeded limits on phone calls and text messages to Miles and others close to him. In December 2006, for example, former UConn assistant coach Tom Moore made 27 calls to Miles's guardian and a person Miles referred to as an uncle, as well as three calls to Miles. The limit is one.
While UConn gears up for its Sweet 16 tilt against Big Ten tournament champion, let's take a very short trip down memory lane. Their star point guard, AJ Price, was one of two players on the team who attempted to sell stolen laptop computers. The purported ringleader was, of course, Marcus "Laptop" Williams. The message is clear. UConn puts winning above accountability. Sure, Williams was kicked off the team for a period, but he was welcomed back. Why? Jim Calhoun values results over any measure of accountability or representing your institution with any sense of dignity, and he has proven that he is willing to cut corners to obtain the desired outcome.

We are not saying that UConn is guilty in the recruitment of Nate Miles. We're just not surprised. Not one bit.

Also, I would not be surprised to see Tom Moore outed as the fall guy. Valued former assistant Dave Leitao is out of a job since getting the heave-ho from UVa and he could fit that bill.

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