Sunday, March 08, 2009

Sunday's Running Bracket Blog

There are plenty of meaningful games starting with Purdue @ Michigan State. I will have a close eye on some other matchups taking place later today:
  • Virginia Tech @ Florida State, 2pm
  • Illinois State v. Northern Iowa (MVC Tournament Final), 205pm
  • Old Dominion v. VCU (CAA Tournament Semifinal), 300pm -- These two schools hate each other with a passion unlike any other except for maybe ...
  • Duke @ North Carolina, 400pm
  • Northwestern @ Ohio State, 500pm
  • Towson v. George Mason (CAA Tournament Semifinal), 530pm
  • Clemson @ Wake Forest, 600pm
  • Charleston v. Davidson (Southern Conference Tournament Semifinal), 600pm
  • Portland v. St. Mary's (WCC Tournament Semifinal), 1130pm -- I will not watch this one, but a loss by St. Mary's may delay the posting of Monday's bracket projections.
* Michigan State put the chokehold on Purdue in the 2nd half and demonstrated why they have a legitimate chance at a #1 seed. Meanwhile, the Boilers have played themselves into a 7/8 seed. Though they lost two games without Robbie Hummel, this is who they are.

* #1 seed American squeaks by Army in the Patriot League, 61-60.

* While Tennessee is certainly in the NCAA Tournament, the unanticipated home loss to Alabama will have bearing on their seeding. Chances are that we will not see a SEC team on the top 6 seed lines.

* Right as Virginia Tech storms back into the game, Delaney and Allen get their 4th fouls.

* In a minute of watching the MVC Tournament Final, the lead has changed twice. Osiris Eldridge is scorching hot!

* VCU is struggling. Down 24-16 to their rival Old Dominion, Eric Maynor (3) and Gerald Lee (2) have combined for a total of five points.

* Congratulations to Northern Iowa, who survived an onslaught of deep shots from Illinois State to start the overtime session. They won 60-57 in the Lou.

* VT has lost, signifying that they must win two in Atlanta to be in (assuming the second will be against the ACC's top 3 teams). A tall order.

* Just received a text from Clement, who is at the CAA Tournament in Richmond. Joey Rodriguez has "countless" turnovers. In visiting the CAA website, I can now report that "countless" equals 2. You can also visit CAA Courtside for ... courtside chatter from the CAA Tournament. After a 30-point explosion yesterday, Gerald Lee has 2 points. VCU up 32-30 right before the under 16 in the second half.

* VCU defeats ODU. George Mason fans can watch the game and participate in a live blog here.

* Coach K is complaining, but what's new? UNC up 6 at the under 12 in the second half.

* UNC wins against Duke despite a lackluster defensive performance. Mason defeats Towson for the 15th straight time. Yes, 15 straight wins.

* For the second time in two days, a bid may be stolen from another conference. Charleston defeats Davidson for the second time. Congratulations to Bobby Cremins! That said, it makes the brackets that much tougher.


Clement said...

Pay was spot on with my text. Maynor really played focused in the second half. VCU was stagnant; however, limited ODU to no 3-pointers.

Rodriguez was a train wreck. Missing open shots badly - including airballing a 16-footer by 3 feet. He nailed a late 3 though.

Towson is fighting Mason. I don't give them much of a chance if it's within 2 possessions in the end of the game. Maybe I'm too skeptical.

Enjoy the rest of the day's action.

I'm gonna go search for a Big East Tournament schedule/bracket.

Paymon said...

Other than myself and the rest of the Mason Nation, Creighton and Dayton will be rooting for GMU.

Clement and the rest of the CAA except ODU will be rooting for VCU.

My prediction: 62-58, VCU