Sunday, March 01, 2009

Hello, March!

A couple of months ago, I made a promise to do regular (daily) posts dedicated to college basketball. Unfortunately, the requirements for the day job over the last two months necessitated that I work beyond my reach and made my promise as earnest as Kenny Hasbrouck's 2-for-20 performance from the field on Friday night. I thank Clement for being the real thought leader behind this tiny operation over the last few months to keep us afloat.

That said, this project ended on Thursday night, I used Friday to recuperate and now I am back. Not to mention, it's March and I would have reached deep into the reserves regardless. Spanning the globe, I found this piece by Brian at The Bracket Project which uses a scoring rubric that seems vaguely familiar. This just in, I am average. Exactly zero standard deviations from the mean. Eat your heart out, Curtis from the Orlando Sentinel (-0.1 average variance)! Seriously, I am looking to enter the upper echelon of bracketologists; however, I stand by the fact that the teams I did not include in the field (Oregon and South Alabama) had no right being in the NCAA Tournament.

The real reason I am writing to you today is talk about the marriage between college basketball and television. If you ever doubted this, just take a gander at my local CBS TV affiliate's schedule.

12pm Marquette @ Louisville
2pm Missouri @ Kansas
4pm Michigan State @ Illinois

How will Marquette handle the Louisville full-court pressure without their floor general? After a phenomenal February, will Missouri complete the season sweep of Kansas on the 1st of March? Which defense will reign supreme when two of the top 12 (adjusted defensive efficiency) face off in Champaign? All teams are ranked. All are on CBS. I rest my case.

Enjoy the bball!

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