Sunday, February 08, 2009

PER - February 8, 2009

To say that the day job has been a hindrance to blogging regularly the last two months is like saying it's cold. As an attempt to be somewhat sustainable over the next month or so and later on when the day job really does not want to cooperate, I am establishing the PER: Point, Evidence, Relevance.

I make a point. I provide the best evidence on this fine net. Then, I state why it's relevant.

If you disagree with my thoughts, let me know why.


Please Stay Off Of Your Sandbox - A Message to Fans of Nebraska, Kansas State and Duquesne

In spite of big wins this week and/or strong play for each team this week, I will be surprised if any find your way into bracket projections this week.

Let's start off with the Dukes. First, congratulations on your program-building win against Xavier. My thoughts about head coach Ron Everhart aside, their only other win against a team currently in most fields is basketball powerhouse Robert Morris. Winning two-thirds of your games in the A-10 nine games into the season and ranking in the 200s in defensive efficiency will result in February losses.

On Kansas State and Nebraska, both have entered the conversation for an at-large bid, but I will be very surprised if either enters the PHSports Field of 65 tomorrow. Since both compete in the weaker Big XII North with one-win squads (Colorado, Iowa State), it is imperative that each team wins 5 of their 7 before the Big XII Tournament to reach the magical 10-win mark and ensure at-large bid.

While Kansas State (@ Cleveland State, v. Missouri, @ Texas, @ Texas A&M) and Nebraska (v. Creighton, v. Missouri, v. Kansas State, v. Texas) have some good wins, neither has a signature win and they rank 291st and 322nd in non-conference SOS. If you recall last year on Selection Sunday, a certain team from a stronger conference with better wins did not make the tournament. They were Arizona State and the Selection Committee was quick to point out that Arizona State's non-conference SOS (i.e. the games they scheduled with their free will) was in the 300s.

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