Monday, December 29, 2008

So it's come to this...AFC-style

Yesterday, the NFC got its due. Today, it's AFC time.

Let's get a few things straight (again)...

The identity of the Ravens begins and ends with Ray Lewis. If you're looking for the emotional leader to watch during Wild Card weekend...look no further.
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..."The Guys You DREAM about Being"...
#1. (13-3) Tennessee Titans
Comment: Ever since the run for undefeated ended (not that anyone took it too seriously), the Titans did just enough - including a highly impressive home victory over the Steelers - to secure homefield throughout the AFC. Their reward? Potentially the suffocating defense of Baltimore OR the winner of the Colts/Bolts. Awesome, right?
Guy to Watch: Albert Haynesworth is the heart and soul of this defense. We get it. Nevertheless, if this team can't score enough points on offense, the Titans may be one-and-done. I'm looking at an aging Kerry Collins and wondering if his last playoff go-round will be his most memorable or not.

#2. (12-4) Pittsburgh Steelers
Comment: Big Ben should be fine and the Steelers will make the very most of their week off. Problem is, this team can be beat in Pittsburgh. How do I know this? David Garrard and a very different Jaguars team took some of the luster away from Heinz field last year. Nobody is walking into Pittsburgh intimidated anymore.
Guy to Watch: Santonio Holmes was a collosal fantasy dissapointment. Duh. Nevertheless, he has downfield ability and can open up lanes for both the rush game and for slot wideout/cheap-shot artist Hines Ward.

..The Guys Everyone Out of the Playoffs Wants to Be Next Year"...
#3. (11-5) Miami Dolphins
Comment: Just because the team beat teams it was "supposed to beat" doesn't mean it will lie down - at home - against the Ravens. Take care of the ball, slip Ted Ginn downfield a play or two, and bust open an unexpected special teams play or two and the game may be theirs. Playing with house money makes you very dangerous.
Guy to Watch: Ronnie Brown is the lone Dolphin Pro Bowler for a reason. His ability in the Wildcat Formation allows the Dolphins 4-5 chances a game to open up a big play. He'll need to be ready for a brutal pounding from the Raven defense. If he survives though, Miami might too.

...Yes, YOU can make the playoffs after starting 4-8...
#4. (8-8) San Diego Chargers
Comment: 4-8 and suddenly everything seems to go right. While LT's groin is an obvious issue, Phillip Rivers isn't the NFL's top-rated QB for no reason. As dangerous as the Colts are, you gotta know the Chargers have no fear about them coming into their house.
Guy to Watch: Antonio Cromartie has to be the elite shutdown cornerback many pegged him as after last year's sensational effort. While that's easier said then done against the likes of Manning/Wayne/Harrison, it's time for AC to go Prime Time.

..The Teams NOBODY Wants to See Right Now"...
#5. (12-4) Indianapolis Colts
Comment: The media loves this team and Peyton Manning likely has a third NFL MVP secured (although he did share one with McNair). Blah blah blah. Wake me up when something new is said.
Guy to Watch: Addai and Rhodes are behind the likes of Manning and Bob Sanders in acclaim; nevertheless, I want to see if these two backs can work the same chemistry they did two seasons ago en route to a championship.

#6. (11-5) Baltimore Ravens
Comment: The coordinators (Cameron & Ryan) have been the perfect duo behind their rookie head coach. Meanwhile, Ed Reed (9 INTs) is playing as well as any defender in football, the RB duo of McClain & McGahee (in that order) look terrific, and it's another rookie QB leading his team to 11 wins. How sweet.
Guy to Watch: Haloti Ngata was given a real tough time in Baltimore after being drafted, until he showed up on the field. Nowadays, he's perhaps the most athletic man - at his size - the NFL has seen in quite some time. He clogs the middle and allows those playmakers behind him to dominate. Not bad for a collegiate underachiever who "took plays off".

..."The 11-5 Team NOT in the NFL Playoffs"...
#7. (11-5) New England Patriots
Comment: I'm a bitter Jet fan, so I'm clinging to a pathetic notion that as long as the Pats are out...all is good. It's all I have...
Guy to Watch: Matt Cassell, of course.

..."The Same Old Jets"...
#8. (9-7) New York Jets
Comment: There's nothing left to say except, "same old Jets".
Guy to Watch: Vernon Gholston has an offseason to get ready for next year. 12 total tackles again may run him out of New York for good.

..."The Others"...
#9. (8-8) Houston Texans
Comment: Another season where they end well in Houston. Question is: when do they start well and put two-and-two together?
Guy to Watch: Steve Slaton has dynamic talent. Better get him a legit compliment in the first 3 rounds of the draft next season. Ahman Green can't be that guy.

#10. (8-8) Denver Broncos
Comment: One win in the final four weeks and we're all treated to yet another Colts/Broncos game. Thank god this team lost out.
Guy to Watch: The RB-position needs stability and some luck with injuries. Peyton Hillis ain't the answer, either.

#11. (7-9) Buffalo Bills
Comment: Dick Jauron should save his job; however, real answers are needed when you go from 5-1 to 7-9. Especially when you're winless (0-6) in the AFC East amidst those final 10 games.
Guy to Watch: Trent Edwards. Up-and-coming superstar my a**.

..."The Other Others"...
#12. (5-11) Oakland Raiders
Comment: Whether or not they hire a new coach is irrelevant. The team can't draft well and there's nothing stable in the locker room. 5-11 might be the best this team sees for the next few seasons.
Guy to Watch: JaMarcus Russell has shown glimpses. But are only glimpses what you expect from the #1 overall pick?

..."How the 'Mighty' Have Fallen..."
#13. (5-11) Jacksonville Jaguars
Comment: As dissapointing a team as the Green Bay Packers, the Jags are lucky their media market stinks and they aren't getting any play as total underachievers.
Guy to Watch: David Garrard sucked this year. That's being nice, too. Another ECU QB flameout? Probably.

...And then there's "THEM"...
#14. (4-11-1) Cincinnati Bengals
Comment: I love that people were stupid enough to believe in this organization.
Guy to Watch: Chad Ocho Cinco is a pariah. Ride his big mouth out of town if you want any chance of locker room continuity and self-respect.

#15. (4-12) Cleveland Browns
Comment: I called this record EXACTLY. Anyone who believed that this organization - behind Savage & Crenel - were playoff bound was an idiot. 4 QBs or not.
Guy to Watch: Brady Quinn is gonna need a lot of Myoplex to pull this organization out of the toilet. 10-6 was a fluke. A total fluke.

#16. (2-14) Kansas City Chiefs
Comment: It's gonna be a series of double-digit loss seasons for years to come...
Guy to Watch: Giving all that money to someone with the character of Larry Johnson will bury Carl Peterson's legacy in Kansas City. Probably serves him right, too.

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