Sunday, December 07, 2008

The Man-Crush Returns!

Why do you see a supersized photograph of one Blake Griffin? That's because he's been putting up supersized stats this season (playing a wildly unsustainable 36.7 minutes per game!). Though he has not put up double-digit rebounds in the last two games, Griffin still averages over 17 rebounds. Against the likes of Purdue, Davidson, UAB and USC, Griffin tallied 25 points per game. Even after suffering a low blow against USC, Griffin buoyed his team to victory.

However, as he enters conference play and the NBA microscope (speaking of which, our first NBA Mock Draft is due to come out this week) continues to focus, Griffin must improve his free throw shooting. If he does not, we'll be hearing a new phrase about a player who is the recipient of intentional fouls.


Fear not, even if Griffin continues to shoot free throws at around a 60% clip, the man-crush lives on. Watch out, Utah, VCU and Arkansas!

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Clement said...

Griffin is a beast. After the likes of Durant and Beasley, it seems every year the Big XII is gonna have a guy who pushes averaging nearly 30 points a game and 25 rebounds.

The National Player of the Year race - for which you can't dismiss Psycho T yet - may be a epic showdown between Stephen Curry and Blake Griffin.

Of course, I don't want to sleep on my man crush either.

Sure he's turnover prone and needs to get those FTs up to a higher 70% than it currently is; yet, Eric Maynor is as dominant a CAA-player since the likes of Brett Blizzard.

He's top 10 in the nation in scoring, without any real second option (Bradford Burgess, seriously?) and defenses keying on him.

Of course, the Rams are 5-3 and have at least two losses (ECU, especially) they shouldn't.

Nevertheless, they didn't lose any of those three at home.

Maynor is a lock for CAA Player of the Year in back-to-back seasons.

Am I equating him to Griffin??? Oh hell no.

However, I am stating that Maynor deserves notice as one of the top 10 guards in the nation.

Yeah, I did say that.

Unfortunately, due to losses @Rhode Island, @ECU, and neutral court versus a good Vandy team...VCU will have one weekend in March to secure a tourney bid.

That won't be easy, as it never is come conference tournament time.

I hope - for the sake of my sanity - and the nation's waning interest in the real mid-majors (not Gonzaga people) that Maynor is tournament bound (and I don't mean NIT), so my "man crush" gets some national spotlight.

I fear Griffin may go 40 and 30 aqainst Larry Sanders' slinky-esque frame in the coming days.

I fear...