Sunday, December 28, 2008

Game On

After our 1pm games, we know the following:

IN: Minnesota
OUT: Tampa Bay (winners of the Denny Green Award), Chicago, New York Jets

In the NFC, all teams and seeds have been figured out. The Dallas/Philadelphia game is now a playoff game.

#1: NY Giants
#2: Carolina
#3: Minnesota
#4: Arizona
#5: Atlanta
#6: Dallas/Philadelphia

The AFC is slightly more muddled.

#1: Tennessee
#2: Pittsburgh
#3: New England/Miami
#4: Denver/San Diego
#5: Indianapolis
#6: Baltimore/New England/Miami (?)

If Baltimore and Miami, then New England will be the first 11-5 team to not make the playoffs since the expansion of playoffs to six teams from each conference. And Clement will have something to hang his hat on.

1 comment:

Clement said...

Jets would've gotten in with a win AND a Baltimore loss.

Nevertheless, the deed was done.

Sadly, all Jet fans have is the fact that New England is at home too.

But for very VERY different reasons.

Cassell in '09.