Friday, December 12, 2008

Clement’s Weekly Picks & Prognostications…Week 14

I’m taking a week sabbatical from NFL-viewing, mainly because I’m pouting about how my 8-3 Jets have plummeted to 8-5 and there appears little hope left to Jet fans right now. Even worse, I fear it’ll be the Patsies – not the Phins – who will eventually wind up AFC East champs.

Nevertheless, my picks and fantasy “advice” won’t suffer.
Lucky you…

NFL Picks: 39-24 [These .500 weeks are killing me. Much like the ‘Aints & Iggles have all season long.]
Upset Special: 9-10 [All bets were off as soon as Trent Edwards was ruled out and JP “Loss-Man” took the starting snaps at QB.]

Glad I listened to Armin and thought of Pierre Thomas as a talented RB.
Quite the reward in my pay league last night.
How about YOU???

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New York Giants @ Dallas Cowboys (-2 ½)
It’d be a much different week in the NFL if Dallas had walked away victorious from Pittsburgh last week. However, we can’t play that game with any success…so I’ll try and analyze why Dallas has such a favorable spread. ??? Clearly it has to be the home field advantage, desperate nature of a 8-5 team, and perhaps the “complacency” of an 11-2 team. I’m not buying any of that. The G-Men are a better coaches team and despite suspensions and injuries mounting, they’re not about to start any type of losing streak; especially within the NFC East.

New England Patriots @ Oakland Raiders (+7)
One word will summarize this game (and it won’t be upset): blowout. New England escaped Seattle with a hard fought victory and now realizes it just takes one slip from the Jets or Phins (who play in Week 17 btw) for the Pats to walk away division champs. And they will. Dammit.

San Francisco 49ers @ Miami Dolphins (-6)
This game might be close; however, the Phins are playing excellent ball. Unlike several other playoff contenders, they’ve breezed through the easier opponents. Chad Pennington protects the ball as well as any QB and the defense is played inspired football. Anybody else think they miss Jason Taylor and his perceived ego? Nope. Amazingly, the Phins will be 9-5; mainly because west coast teams can’t travel east this season. Don’t watch this game unless you’re a Mike Singletary fan. It’s all you’ll hear about…for better or worse.

Upset Special #1
Buffalo Bills @ New York Jets (-7)
Am I a bitter fan whose whinning and pinning for his team to finally win a game? Of course. Nevertheless, the weather won’t affect the Bills anymore than the Jets AND I still need to check the health of the QB situation. Jet fans want a blowout; however, this series splits way too many times (despite whom the home team is). While I’m not sure if Buffalo will win…I don’t like a team struggling as much as the Jets have the past two weeks getting a touchdown. Despite how well Thomas Jones has played this season.

Upset Special #2
Detroit Lions @ Indianapolis Colts (-17 ½)
Am I picking the outright upset? Not a chance. However, the Lions do play tough and they realize the impact of 0-16 is looming more and more. While the Colts are hot, they’re exactly torching any of their opponents. Addai and Rhodes continue to search for consistency and it appears no pair of Colt wideouts can perform well on any given weekend. Colts win,, but they are not worthy of this type of spread (even against Detroit).

Playoffs Advice in Fantasy
1) Try your best in your Consolation Bracket games. Why? It shows some fantasy insight to juggle people these weeks. Even if the game doesn’t matter, it’s always nice to gauge how you’re doing selection-wise.
2) Pierre Thomas was a very, very good start.
3) Lee Evans always plays the Jets well. Always.
4) Keep on starting John Carlson at TE.
5) Vincent Jackson isn’t a weekly start. No chance.
6) Start both Titan RBs if you have em.
7) Ryan Grant is gonna blow up this week.
8) Shaun Hill isn’t going to toss 2-TD this week. Might not even toss 1, actually.
9) Don’t start either Jet wideout or Dustin Keller.
10) Tim Hightower is a flex-play, at best.

See you next week. Hopefully not at 8-6 (but likely).

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