Friday, December 05, 2008

Clement’s Weekly Picks & Prognostications…Week 13

Several teams came down to Earth last week. Several players too.

1) Chris Collinsworth summed up what any true Jet fan knew. Never trust the Jets, even with Favre around. If they lose @San Fran, they won’t make the playoffs. Mark it down.

2) Matt Cassell isn’t Tom Brady. He also might not be worthy of $50-million. Then again, maybe the Steeler D is just THAT good. If they lose @Seattle, they won’t make the playoffs. Mark it down.

3) Arizona and Kurt Warner aren’t legitimate playoff contenders. Look at their losses. Beating Dallas at home isn’t enough anymore. If they want any respect, they better travel to New England in a few weeks and pull off a total shocker.

4) Pick your poison as to who’s more disappointing in ’08: San Diego or Jacksonville?

5) Who in the WORLD is the MVP: Peyton Manning or Eli Manning? Or is it…Matt Ryan???

NFL Picks: 37-22 [Not my best week at 2-3. Far from my worst, too.]
Upset Special: 9-10 [A winning record is just 2 games away. 2 games…]

Crazy as it seems, Chad Pennington may garner some MVP-consideration if the Phins are playoff bound. Seriously.
Credit: Yahoo! Sports

Atlanta Falcons @ New Orleans Saints (-3)
It’s no secret that the Falcons are a completely different team away from the Georgia Dome. Or are they? Despite traveling back from the West Coast – with a victory over the “Not so Super” Chargers might I add – I’m taking MVP-candidate Matt Ryan and the Falcons to tab a huge W. By the way, if the Falcons make the playoffs, Ryan should be the NFL MVP. Seriously.

Philadelphia Eagles @ NY Giants (-8)
Unlike their last meeting – in which the Iggles inexplicably were favored by 3 points – the G-Men are getting plenty of respect (this time from Vegas!). Despite potential distractions to defensive-captain Antonio Pierce (regarding Plaxico aka Cheddar Bob), I like the G-Men to make their move to 12-1 and potentially lock up rest 3 straight weeks before their first playoff game. However, I don’t like it by 8. Maybe it’s a late “fluff” TD (shout out to Jeramy) or a close game. Either way, I’m taking the 8.

Dallas Cowboys @ Pittsburgh Steelers (-3)
Don’t underestimate the rest the ‘Boys got after winning big on Turkey Day. Ditto for the confidence the Steelers have after beating down the Pats in the second-half in Foxboro. If Ward/Holmes can become bigger factors, the road to the Super Bowl goes through the Steelers. James Harrison and Lamar Woodley will cause too many trouble to a still-suspect Cowboy O-Line. It might hit the 3 on the head; however, unless Romo really is the NFL MVP, I like the Steelers to move to 10-3, possibly by 10…or 3.

Washington Redskins @ Baltimore Ravens (off)
You won’t find many spread on this game…YET. Nevertheless, I’ll treat it as a pick’em. I like rookie QBs (i.e. Flacco) at home a lot more than on the road. What’s the key to beating the Skins? Stop Portis and the rush attack. While Campbell is due for a breakout, it won’t be against this defense. I’m taking the Ravens. By the way, it’s WAY too under the radar what a free agent bust Jason Taylor has been. He might be the weakest trade-acquisition this side of Troy Williamson.

Upset Special #1
Miami Dolphins @ Buffalo Bills (-1)
Somebody explain to me please why this game is in Toronto? While it depends solely on the health of Trent Edwards, I’m going to call out an upset here. Could it be I don’t want the Phins (and Pats) in a three-way tie with the Jets at the end of the week? Of course. Nevertheless, Buffalo might be tricky here; especially if the weather can be any sort of factor.

10 Fantasy Playoff Insights
***Anyone with a bye is in a fraud fantasy league. Or maybe a 12-team league that allows too many people in.***
1) Who's going to be Vincent Jackson on Sunday?
2) Coles and Cotchery are starting to really hurt fantasy owners at the wideout position.
3) Start John Carlson. No questions asked.
4) Matt Cassel isn't Billy Volek from a few years ago. You better start him though.
5) Tim Hightower shouldn't be starting, even in a flex spot.
6) Derrick Ward is still worthy of a flex spot-start.
7) If you can decide how to manage your Seahawk wide receivers, you're spending too much time dissecting your fantasy roster.
8) Don't start Cadillac Williams yet.
9) Bernard Berrian won't catch another 99-yard TD; however, he will catch a TD or two this weekend. Bet on it.
10) Darren Sproles proved Thursday night that he's a relevant playoff fantasy starter right now.

See you next week!

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Paymon said...

Matt Ryan has had a very good year, but he is no MVP. Not even in the conversation.

I know I shouldn't comment on my team, but I think Philly has a chance in New York. A gameplan from Andy Reid plus execution is necessary to win though.

And I'm pretty sure the game in Toronto will be in a dome.