Monday, November 17, 2008

InClement Weather: MY BCS

I don't care what the contracts, computers, or Lee Corso has to say.

I am fixing the BCS. How?
Watch me!

Instead of Mark Sanchez, you might see a guy named Lyle at QB in the Rose Bowl. Good.
Credit: Yahoo! Sports

Scenario #1: Current 5 BCS Bowl Format
Assuming...chaos theory doesn't happen.
Texas Tech defeats Oklahoma (yes, in Norman) & Missouri. Undefeated.
Alabama defeats Florida. Yes, the Gators.
Oregon State wins out. Sorry, Trojans.
Somebody...anybody...wins the ACC & Big (L)East.
Utah wins out. Boise State wins out. Ball State wins out.

BCS Title Game
Alabama Crimson Tide vs. Texas Tech Red Raiders
Analysis: DUH!

Rose Bowl
Oregon State vs. Penn State
Analysis: There, Pac-10 vs. Big Ten. Eat up the pageantry!

Sugar Bowl
Florida vs. USC
Analysis: The game most of America will be dying for.

Orange Bowl
Boise State vs. Ball State
Analysis: The ACC is extremely competitive, but doesn't have a BCS-quality team. We all know about the Big (L)East. Yes, I'm gonna continue using that. Reward the undefeated teams. Why? Because nobody will schedule em from the majors!

Fiesta Bowl
Texas vs. Utah
Analysis: Offenses galore! Fine with me.

Scenario #2: Eight-Team Playoff (Obama-Style)

#1. Alabama vs. #8. Penn State
#2. Texas Tech vs. #7. Florida
#3. Texas vs. #6. Oklahoma
#4. USC vs. #5. Penn State

Note: I know the "computers" want conference champions...but it's my post and I want these 8!

Let's see YOU do better...

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