Thursday, November 27, 2008

Clement’s Weekly Picks & Prognostications…(Late) Night Turkey Day Edition

Sorry for the timing of this post; however, the busy day got the best of this writer.

First off, happy Thanksgiving to all. If for some reason the holiday isn’t your thing, I at least hope you have the day off. Although I suppose if anyone is working, at least you’re getting paid extra.

If none of these reach out to you. I pity you.

While the regular NFL edition will get its due tomorrow, I decided to peg out a “holiday edition” for the five of you who look forward to this weekly-column.

Probably came as no surprise to YOU that CJ/White both had MONSTER days.
Did it to me?
Credit: Yahoo! Sports

NFL Picks: 33-18 [A LaDell Betts fumble cost me 3-0, but not the Skins the game.]
Upset Special: 9-10 [That late 2-point conversion that failed for San Fran cost me a winning record in a dismal “upset” season of picks.]

…spreads courtesy of…

Tennessee Titans vs. Detroit Lions (+ 11 ½)
The lack of this game being 11-0 vs. 0-11 might turn off fourteen of the twenty-eight viewers who aren’t connected to this game for fantasy or as a Lions/Titans fan. Nevertheless, the Titans are on a short week after a brutal ***-kicking from the Jets. Meanwhile, Detroit is starting to hear 0-16 more and more every day. I expect this game to be very very ugly. That means the Lions are going to be 0-12, losing by 12 or more points.

Seattle Seahawks vs. Dallas Cowboys (-13)
This game – for Dallas – needs to be against an NFC East rival every year. Rotate between the three or have the guys to make this game Dallas vs. Washington every year. Nevertheless, Seattle is a BAD team who doesn’t even play well at home – no less on the road – this season. Julius Jones returns to Dallas as the starter and will be a non-factor. Look for Romo to light up the air and toss 3-4 TDs and keep pacifying his wide receiver known commonly as TO. 13 is a TON of points to leave out there. I’m taking em though, as I see this as the second route of a lukewarm Turkey Day schedule.

Arizona Cardinals vs. Philadelphia Eagles (-3)
It boggles my mind the spreads that come out for Philly at home. I know that public money and the oddsmakers are always “behind the scenes”; nevertheless, Arizona was beaten up by the Giants and will travel cross-country easier than their last two-week stay. While the weather might be frightful, Andy Reid and Donovan F. McNabb aren’t going to salvage much out of this season. My real interest is on the play of erratic Cardinal LB Dansby and how Coach Wisenhunt manages an underachieving rushing gameplan (not necessarily the talent). Would 1 or 2 I formations – outside of the red zone – kill this team? Maybe. Sorry Iggles fans, you won’t cover or win.

See you tomorrow with the Friday edition. Here’s to shooting for 40-25. Then maybe 50-30 by playoff time.

Happy holiday.

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