Saturday, November 01, 2008

Clement’s Weekly Picks and Prognostications…Week 9

After taking a week off to “pout” about fantasy, I saw two very different performances:
1) In one of my leagues, I upset a loaded top-dog team behind super efforts from Kurt Warner, Donnie Avery, and Andre Johnson. 5-3 and a game out of first in a middle-of-the-pack type of competitive league.
2) In another, I overcame a piss-poor draft (hello LJ!) and an injury to Reggie Bush to still put up solid numbers behind Lav Coles, the aforementioned AJ, and even Joe Flacco. However, I lost by a point thanks to a fumble from Edge and no depth at the RB position (see above).

With that in mind, I’m going to make some quick picks – a few quicker fantasy hits – and hope that I can get things rolling on the positive side.

NFL Picks: 18-14 [I’m giving myself a “W” for the push. Why? Because I can.]
Upset Specials: 6-7 [I’m also being very liberal by affording myself calling the Titan game. Which way too many experts foolishly wouldn’t. Take that!]
… gets the honors this week…

Baltimore @ Cleveland (-1 ½)
Simply put, Baltimore has confidence in a rookie QB and Cleveland is no better at home than they are away.

Green Bay @ Tennessee (-5)
If this game were in Lambeau, the spread may be under a FG. 8-0 Titans. How bout that?

Miami @ Denver (-3 ½)
If it was 3, I’d scream push. With Denver’s D, I’m screaming a potential Phins upset…even on the road.

Dallas @ NY Giants (-8 ½)
I don’t know how Dallas escaped Texas Stadium against a good Bucs team. They will NOT leave the Meadowlands victors. However, the Giants play teams close. I’m wondering whose gonna lay double-digits down on this one.

Atlanta @ Oakland (+3)
Atlanta isn’t a “buy” team yet. However, outside of the Jets, you gotta love a team traveling to Oakland and getting this low a number to cover.

New England @ Indianapolis (-5 ½)
I won’t bury the Patriots yet. Not close. As for the Colts. I might. I just might.

Top Ten Fantasy Insights of the Week…You Didn’t Expect
1) If you picked up Donnie Avery, start him. You don’t know how long this type of thing lasts…so go down swinging.
2) Trade Ocho Cinco and Housamazilli for anything you can get. Ryan Fitzpatrick is a wideout’s worst nightmare.
3) If you drafted LJ, you’re up a creek without a paddle. You know what type of creek I mean.
4) Santonio Holmes is an enigma. Can you figure this guy out? I can’t.
5) Marion Barber III’s durability is an ever-looming issue. Go get Felix Jones while he’s injured and CHEAP.
6) Brandon Jacobs will be just fine with Derrick Ward having his back. By the way, Ward is an incredibly sneaky flex-play this week.
7) Owen Daniels is a weekly start at TE. Yes, it’s come to that for the position.
8) Vincent Jackson is as hot/cold any fantasy wideout you’ll see.
9) Kurt Warner has made a lot of mid-round draft selections feel very good these days.
10)Anybody seen Matt Leinart this season? Me neither.

That’s all I got.

See ya next week!

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